Friday, June 04, 2010

A quick visit to a Historic Car Auction!

After the trip yesterday watching the planes, we went some where l had never been before! Tony and l went with Andrew, to meet Roy and Hugh at Brooklands Motor Museum for a Historic Car Auction!!! Wow the atmosphere was electric and very noisy but full of fun.
The image below is what Tony would have liked to bid for, if we had any money..which we don't!Ha.

The next image is not of a car Tony would like but he would love the number plate...A for Anthony...B for Brian ... H for Howells!!! keep wishing Tony!!

As we got there, there was a lot of hype about a car that was for sale. Batman's car! To add to the atmosphere they had an actor playing the part of Batman! All l can say he was a BIG man!  There was a lot of shouting, laughing and many of jokes and then the bidding started at £10 and eventually ended up being sold to the gentleman in the purple shirt, No. 222 ( l think!) for £20,000!!!


The next image is the car itself.....Batmobile!!...can't image myself driving this, think l will stick to my Pocket Rocket!


La Dolce Vita said...
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Lynda Howells said...

leading an exciting life at present!hax thanks for visitingxxlynda

Beach House Living said...

How cool is that Batman car. Come on you would love a ride wouldn't you?