Tuesday, June 01, 2010

After the funeral!.....Brighton adventure!

Trip to Brighton

On friday last week, we had to go to Kent for a family funeral. Look what we saw on our way there on the M25! the following three images are of these two bikes. the first seems to be dad and two children. Love what l think is a beer barrel tied on to the back of the bike!Ha!

As we were just about to go past, when one of the children rurned around and looked at us! We couldn't see his face or his eyes because he had a balaclaver  and goggles on! Quite scary really! What with the
skull and cross bones on it as well...scarey bike!Ha!
The front bike was a man driving it but if you look very carefully to the will actually see there is a person in dungeress, helmet and goggles...... ALL in black!!!!!! Amazing!
The next image is something that always scares me when l see it. People and/or children on a bridge over a Motorway...visions of things being thrown over the bridge onto our windscreens! Happened to one of my friends and they were badly injured and the children were only 10 and 11 years old!!!Scary!
After the funeral, we decided to go to Brighton to brighten up our day! The pier looks so sad and l hate that it is not going to re-built. I understand it would cost too much and the history wouldn't be there but all the seems so sad to see it looking so fragile!
When we were driving around Brighton, even though it was not THAT warm, many people were sitting outside pubs drinking! The image below caught my eye because of the red hair against the bright "shouting out "yellow wall!
One thing l did see a lot of in Brighton, as in London, were people who appeared to be homeless. The guy below was searching through the bins. I really feel for people who are are homeless through no fault of their own, although I know there are quite a few people who are homeless because they want to be. Life is hard enough at the moment for most people and we are all fighting to stay in our homes, jobs and keep our families on line. So l do try and help homeless people when ever l can, even though sometimes it has been thrown back in my doesn't put me off.
Because it was so windy and not that warm, we looked at the harbour and the sea through the car window!Hax Actually it was worse than that...we went to the top of the carpark by the MARINA and sat and looked out at the sea!ha...whimps aren't we?!Hax

Brighton has a lot of different sorts of buildings and many different styles but along the sea front, it is mainly flats and hotels.

I love the covered in balcony, over the door entrance, on this building, l would love to live here! Mind you l would't what to do the housework in one of these house!!!!I find my 2 bed flat bad enough.."life is to short to do house work"! motto!
I love cranes, why l have no idea but l have since childhood! I really am fasinated by their patterns and colours. This image l think, is just right because the red is so bright, the backgound is a very blue sky and then there is a red and white flag to add to the image..l love this image!
As we were going down into the tunnel to get to the Marina, l suddenly saw a toilet out of the corner of my eye. I quickly pointed my camerq and clicked. Luckily l caught the below image...did make me giggle!!
As we travelled out of Brighton, we came across this lake beside the sea. There was a sailing lesson in progress with abour 6 yatch in the pond....can you see the instructor?
In the below image you can see the instuctor...standing by his pole....shows you how shallow the pond is! This is an amazing place to learn to openings on the sea and in a shallow water!

I love watching seagulls swooping up in the graceful...not so fond of them on the ground!!!!
One of the noises that gets right through to me , is the deep throbbing noise of the Chinook....maybe it is memories from Vietnam or Mash ( the t.v programme)or my connections to the military! Anyway, when l hear the noise, l have to stop, look and listen and l become very calm..very strange!
Night folksx


Dianne said...

so many different scenes

I love the bikes!!
the homeless man pulled at my heart
and then the bird in flight was so joyful

hip chick said...

wow! That was quite an adventure!!

Jama said...

Thanks for taking me on this virtual trip, it's such an enjoyable outing!