Monday, June 07, 2010

Pt 2 Bushey Park. A swan cleaning itself for over 10 mins!

I love swans and this one allowed me to get closer than l have ever been allowed before. It was fasinating to watch how carefully and frantically it cleaned itself! The other funny thing, was every time a male went passed,  this swan snarled at them, ( as in the image below...snarling at Tony!Ha!) if it was a woman...took no notice!

I love swans! Hope you enjoyed these images as much as l enjoyed taking them!!


Beach House Living said...

Such elegant birds swans are. There is a lake about 2 blocks from our home where dozens congregate now and again. You wonder if it's a Swan convention or something. Swans like the beach are subjects I simply never tire taking photos of.

Dave said...

truly enjoyable to see. lovely series.