Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Odds and sods of images that l am not sure where they belong!!!

The images for today, are some l have not put into any of my daily adventures. They are interesting but not necessarliy belong to any particular story but l feel still need to be seen. hope you enjoy them!
The first explains itself.
This memorial is a Big Issue seller, who l think was kicked to death by yobs, because he wouldn't give them a light or something like that. Seem to remember reading about it in the Metro, a while ago. I noticed that the Big Issue seller that has taken Dermot's pitch, is actually selling from the other side of the path. Respect l suppose. As if his life wasn't hard enough, l really don't understand some people.
This statue of the painter Hogarth, is in my opinion, fantastic. It seems to be so life like and full of emotions. His bust stands on a plinth in Leicester Square.
I saw this feather today and that is so beautiful, even though it is actually quite scraggly (?) and old.
Total contrast...this is the very bright but lonely looking corridor of a Big Yellow Self-Storage Building!
A very furry and young uncurling fern of the prehistoric kind......!
I wish we still used these Police Boxes, they look so offfical and buisness could feel quite safe and secure in the knowledge..the Police would come if you called from it!Ha

When l first saw this piece of wood, l was overcome with...not sure what...but l felt as if something terrible had happened here and felt quite sick..very strange!
Saw this lady and naughty as it is..couldn't help but take her picture..what an amazing face!
Saw this sign in the market in Bristol..just love it. I want it!!!
This last image is one l had over looked, when l was telling the story about Leeds Castle and the Jousting Tournament. I love this image, so l though l would end today's blog with this magnificent owl image.

Night folks.

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Angie said...

ALL of these shots would be great for my 'Wednesday Whatsit'. Love them!!!