Saturday, June 26, 2010

A walk fro Waterloo Station to the Tate Modern on a very sunny afternoon.

Last week, Tony and l decided rather than take a bus to Tate Modern Gallery, we would walk as the weather was so gorgeous. On the way, l saw a take-away coffee cup, l had not got an image of. Yes l know tht sounds a bit...weird! but there is a reason..honest!Ha! I am creating a photographic and information book on coffee! I never realised there were SO many different brands of coffee shop cups!
Walking along the South Bank, you will always see something going on down on the shore. Today there was a lady sketching the London City Scape.
Then just a little further down the shore, there was a man using a metal detector to see if he could find some old bits of London town.

There are always a lot of seagulls along South Bank but this particular one was so vocal and stood on his stone, guarding it from any seagull that came near it !!Very funny to watch.

I love seagulls, especially when l can watch them soaring and diving around in the sky. They are so graceful and see to do it so effortlessly.

Now a puzzle for your eyes....Can you see the goose on the shore amongst all the pebbles????
At first glance, this image doesn't look funny at all. Does it? It is an elderly guy sitting, watching and waiting for bite from a fish on one of his line!Yes?
Well, the reason l was laughting was....he is patiently waiting for a fish to bite..but...the tide is OUT!!!!
Almost every time l come to Tate Modern the reflection on this door appears to be different..ah!..a project comes to mind!!!!Talk about that at a later date maybe!
No, Tony is not concentrating hard while texting, he is being rude to me, and sticking his tounge out!!!
This view is one of the reasons we keep our membership up of the Tate Modern. It is the private Restaurant for members and their guests. ( l am allowed one other)...amazing views, below is just one of them!!
For those of you that know the Tate, this image may surprise you. It is not often you see this space empty is it!!!?
I thought that l would finish with an image of the Wobbly bridge, as it is still often called, that goes from The Tate across to St. Paul's. Then l thought, no, l have shown that many times, instead l would show this image. It is still on the bridge...can you see the dart? Was it a lucky shot, how did he get it up there and why is it there at all??????? So many questions in life still to be answered!Hax
Hope you enjoyed today's journey around a small part of my London. xnightx


Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

oh the awesome Tate Modern . . . . sigh. I did love that cafe as well.

and I finally got going with my blog - here is the write up of our meeting:

Happy Art!!!!! -Em

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

OMG, what a lot of great stuff in this one post. Thanks for sharing the walk and bringing back memories, it was one of our favorite places we visited on our way too short time in London. Of course I know nothing about the cafe.

That old man fishing illustrates something I think about a lot of guys who fish. They just use it as an excuse to get some quiet, do-nothing time -- the fish catching is just secondary.

I loved every bit of your day -- thanks for sharing it.