Monday, June 07, 2010

watching my dad "drum"!!!!!

On Saturday, Tony and l went to watch my Dad playing on his Tenor Drum. Some of the group from the "Golden Oldies", RAF Halton Apprentices' Pipe Band, were playing at a "D Day" Memorial Rugby Rugby Afternoon for "Help the Ages" at Aylesbury RFC. For various reasons, such as living overseas for years, l have been unable to watch my Dad play before. This seemed a good time to go and see him, so off we went. We did't tell Dad we were coming, just in case something happened and we couldn't go! He was very surprised to see us but did say he had a slight idea we might turn surprising my dad!
On our way there, we saw this bridge with words on it...l did laugh when l actually realised what was written there........I thought the second word was PEACE.....what the phase actually said was......"Give Peas a chance"..Ha!

This was the charity that the Rugby match was raising money is near RAF Halton after all!
As we were directed into the field for parking, l spied this sign....luckily these were not the offical toliets! Phew!
Tents, rides and food plus the club house were there for our entertainment, as well as my dad and his group and the rugby match! Can you see the old fashioned pram...l love pushing them and also they are so good for babies, as they lie down flat as a new baby!
The "Golden Oldies" praticing before their appearence..way to go Dad! the reason l came see my father playing the drum for the first ever....l was impressed and very proud of him! Also to see the others playing bagpipes and drums!
The next 2 shots show my dad doing "his" thing with his sticks! Wow..what a performance!

The band performing ..great music. Hope to put video on here soon..if l can manage to actually download it on to here..fingers crossed!
Another group helping to raise money for this wonderful cause...Dad's Army putting on a demonstration. My goodness, they were characters!!Take a look at the next few shots!!!!!
Below is a classic "smokes" image!!!
British and American troops together!!! Not sure the yellow gloves were army issue!!

Below is some of the things that were on show. A first aid 2nd World War kit and wireless stuff and bullets and "stuff" to blow things up with!

Oh an politicians please Identity Card!!!!

The package below is a german bandage unit, which is much smaller than an english bandage package.

Below is another useful idea for recycle your old baked bean tins!Hax Do not do this at home kids!

Another attraction of the day was the under 7 and 8 year olds Tag Rugby Team....great fun to watch. Future stars in the making!..please note, girls playing too!
Saw this father following his son, with the smallest rugby boots l have ever cute!
Here are some of the players warming up before the big match..all under 25.
An amazing day was had by all and l got to see my dad play...!

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Bren said...

Lynda, what fun to see all the photos of the even and to see and hear your dad, what is it about the pipes and drums that get to me? Love them. I'm off to visit your art blog :-)