Saturday, June 05, 2010

walking in Bushey 1

Bushey park

Yesterday we went to Park called Bushey Park Gardens, which is across the road from Hampton Court Palace. It was full of adults, children and loads of babies BUT no dogs allowed! We didn't take our sticks, but went for a gentle walk and my camera!Ha!
The day was hot  and beautiful and we were so glad Tony is retired and we can do this at a moment's notice, when everyone else is at work! We went through Richmond Park because the traffic via Kingston was terrible. As usual the deer make me smile and just cheered up my day, no matter what mood l am in.
This next image is one of the entrances to Bushey Park, this one directed us to The Pheasant Enclosure. It is a very beautiful dog free safe area for children to play freely in.  
This is such an amazing place, that is full of children playing and yet there are many areas, like the image below, where it is quiet and peaceful, somewhere you can sit and be still. A very rare find! 
I had to stand and watch these three boys. They were discussing if they should or could cross the shallow pond, to reach the small island in the middle of this pond. They were saying things like.."Someone has to go first and its not going to be me"!, or' There looks like yucky mud on the floor, l wonder if it will feel ok"? and " Well. here goes, ouch...there are stones"!. I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud because they were so funny and trying to be so butch and yet really being quite scared about doing it!

But as you can see from the image below...they did decide to go, but there was much..ouch, it's cold, no you go first, your bigger than me, then..ok..go!!!!!! when they reached the island there was a lot of nervous giggling and laughing!
I was worried about the yellow iris's last year in the Wimbledon area, as they were few and far between in the local ponds. But it seems in Bushy Park, they are growing well and in full bloom...beautiful as you can see from the image below.
As we came to an open space, there we saw this small rabbit. I was sad that the parents walking past did not see it. When l did point it out to the next mum coming along, it took me three "pointing it out", for her to see it...she was excited and showed her children. I decided to see how close l could get to this gorgeous little bunny rabbit!
I managed to get roughly 2 feet away from the bunny! Then he looked at me and slowly hopped away to the bushes. I was so chuffed to have got that close and not frightened the little creature..they are so cuddly.
There are so many wondeful plants and flowers all over the park, such as this beautiful image below. Even though this group of flowers seem to be past there best, l still think they are beautiful.
The image below is an example of what l was talking about earlier about pockets of peace and quiet. This mother was sitting in the long grass with her son and they were reading and playing around in  their own little piece of the Park. They were so well hidden, that l nearly walked straight past them, without realising they were there.
This next image is of one of the many beautiful areas that the river ran through. I love the sound of running water and the plants were so luscious and green!

These dragonflies were so beautiful, plentiful and so blue! I have not been able to get a very good shot of a dragonfly but this show how gorgeous they are.

While l was watching this duck, it decided to put a show on and wash its VERY thoughly! It was great fun to watch, difficult to catch but l have tried!

It is amazing how these ducks can hide themselves among the bushes along the river. I nearly fell over these little ones and the whole time we were around, them they made NO noise! I thought there were two little ones and then three and suddenly there were four. They just kept on popping out of the bushes! Quite funny to watch!
then as l was walking along the river bank, l fell over a duckling which was sitting on the path. I managed to stop in time before l actually stepped on it and it ran into the bushes. There was mum and three little ones. . We stood and watched them for about 6 mins or so! ....they eventually waddled off and then went into the water..was gorgeous to watch. I love nature!

The next image is why l have hayfever! Looks like snow from a is from the trees....sneeze..sneeze. l had never seeen it this bad before, it covered everything!

We decided we needed a drink of water and a sit down as we were tired and dehydrated. We found a seat and as we were just about to sit down, we spied this memorial behind the park bench. It wa for some one's mum, with cards thats said "we love you mum" in them!
I love siver birch trees but l had never before seen brown bark like this, on the branchs before. To begin with, l thought they were some sort of Art work, then as l drew nearer l realise they were actually part of the tree!
I collect feathers on my daily walks and am really pleased if l found feathers other than pigeons or magpies! The image below is of duck feathers that l would love to find, unfortunetly they are are on a live duck! One can but wish!!
Through out Bushey Park there are ponds and lttle streams, then we came apon a river with mini falls and the children playing in amazing sight to see, when so often there are signs saying.." keep out of the water"! I have a few images of children playing in the water but for obvious reasons, l decided not to show them on here! Shame really!
The image below is what l found written on a piece of grass in Bushey Park...The gane....Boo or someone's name? I will never know!! 
Again, l can't help but take images of beautiful plants!
Here ended the first part of the visit to Bushey Park!


Dee / Cloth Company said...

my husband and I lived in Wimbledon for a season many years ago, so I have visited many of the places named here -- it is wonderful to see them again come to life in your pictures! I esp. love the ducklings. Glad you didn't end up stepping on one.

Angie said...

Thanks for the stroll around Bushy Park, I lived on Hampton Court Road for a while (in the mid/late 50s).My grandmother was born in Putney & I was born in Brighton. Am enjoying looking at your blog.