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Trip to Tisted for Air Rally 2010.

Tony and l were very honoured to be invited to this rally by my son's father-in-law. This was the biggest fly in the Rally in the UK, of planes built or designed before WWII since the war! There were over 90 of them, l think. Amazing sight to see all those planes flying and landing and then being able to actually go and touch them. Now don't get me wrong.....planes are not something l would travel all over the world to see but this was a rare oppurtunity and so l grabbed it with both hands. I was not let down, it was an amazing day all round. Thank you Roy from both of usx
The hat Tony has on, was a present from Andrew and Gemma, from their travels in Argentina. So gorgeous!HAx 

 Below is the make-shift runway that the planes would be landing on and taking off from..not at the same time, well not normally! the dots in the far distence, are the photographers in yellow vests, waiting for the planes to land. Sorry Andrew, that we took out our yellow vest from the car, before comingbecause we didn't need it. If we had had it with us, Andrew could have gone into the field and been taking images like the other guys.Sorry Andrew!
I love this plane, it is so small and also looks so weird and looks as if it was made in someone's garage! Mind you, l expect a lot of them where!Ha
Just in case you were wondering who is writing this normal sounding "Art" images? is me and to prove is an image of bluebells in the wood next to the airfield! so many of them and so blue..looked like a blue carpet. 
Below is an image of the clan here to day to watch, husband, dad, grandad and father-in-law fly his plane! the children were great and a lot of fun. it was nice to meet again with Nat and Zoe, (Gemma's sister's)one husband Alex, Richard is away working, 4 children, Anna(Gemma's mum) and Roy..the proud owner of the plane and car! Also two of Roy's brothers were there too and one of their wives. Thankfully the weather was fantastic and so fun was had by all.

Tony point this sign out to me and it really made me giggle! At the top of the instrument panel and in the middle, there is a sign thats saying.."No Smoking". there are some funny laws around but l still find it funny imagining a pilot in an open cockpit, trying to light a match and keep it burning long enough to like a cigar or similar!!!
Next image is the area where planes taxied in and out of the parking area. The majority of these planes were so brightly coloured, l suppose it also means you can see them easily on the ground and up in the sky!
this plane below, was the only plane l saw out of the many that were there, over 90 l think, that made smoke!
The image below, shows you a plane being fuelled up. I thought they would use a lot more and was surprised to find out, it only took 8 gallons to fill up the tank.
The majority of these planes are so beautifully made. An example of that, is this beautifully crafted propeller that is on Roy's plane, a work of Art in it's own right, l think.
As you can image from the age of most of these planes, you could see the engines quick clearly. This image is part of a very rare plane, that was on show at this meet. Work's of Art all of them. When you realise how much time, money and work these planes take, to get them to the stage they actually can fly, l have to marvel at these men. They are absorbed by their hobbies and the patience they have is amazing. Their wives and families must be very understanding people!
The image of the lady below, makes me smile. She had really entered into the fun of the Meet and dressed to match the  period of the plane, she and her husband were being flown in. A great sense of fun, l admire her.
Here comes the red Baron......I just love these planes that have wires attaching their wings to the plane.
Roy and one of his beautiful toy!

Roy and two of his wonderful boy's toys!

"Top Gun" son Andrew being allowed again, to drive Roy's car. Brave father-in-law!Ha..... BUT Roy does know that Andrew knows how to drive this car and also Andrew loves this car.

I took this image of Tony and Andfew on their way home. I was following them in the Pocket Rocket! This was the first time Tony had had a ride in the Roy's car and l think they both enjoyed the experience. My turn to ride in the car, next time.

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