Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interesting finds!

Today when l was down in Putney seeing a client, l saw a very funny sight. Just by the local Police Station there is a green building which is a toilet. As you will see from the following two images, this is not the usual way of entry into the toilet! Also so much toilet paper flowing around!Ha!

This is the next image!

Then l went to cross the main road and saw this on the railings...someone must be very cold!

Then just around the corner from the toilet l saw two things. The first was this bottle left on the floor, three quarters full. I wonder why it was left there and l wonder if whats in side the bottle is what it should be? Well.. it was left outside a police station! I think l have been watching to much T.V?!

Then the next thing l found was this sign on the floor, just round the corner from the police station. i think it is a very weird thing to be put on a pavement.

Then as l was walking along the street, there on the pavement was a hat! Who had dropped it and why hadn't they noticed they had dropped it? It was very cold this afternoon, thought they should have been wearing it!

As l walked up to the station to catch my train to Waterloo, l was looking around for my image of the day word ( isolate. I still haven't found an image yet that l feel represents the word.
As l got to the station, saw this sole on the pavement..tempted to say..Lost Soul!

Caught my train up to Waterloo Station. up in Central London. Those of you who follow this blog or one of my others, may remember that l collect images of "throw away" coffee cups, for a book l am making. Today l found a cup l had never seen before and it was lying on the train station floor.... A pale pink coffee cup..not my cup of tea!

Before l got back onto my train, l needed the loo, so off to the Ladies. On one of the seats in the waiting room, was this coffee cup and newspaper. I wonder if the person who read the article on obesity had enjoyed their full fat milk, fully caffeinated cappuccino drink?Ha! I know this as it is on the side of the cup.

Then on the train l saw my word for my image a day. You can go and see the results by going to the blogsite.Below is the image just in case you csn't open the blog!

Everyone in their own little world's and isolated from everyone else. Shame!

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