Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Red Letter Day!

Today was a Red Letter Day! My young at heart, 60 year old husband, received his Bus Pass in the post! Ha! and here he is proudly showing off his pass! So funny, he is so easily pleased!

As we were walking down Wildcroft Rd, l thought l saw a large butterfly in the branches of one of the trees on the cricket pitch. Being the curious woman l am and's too cold for a butterfly to be flying round, l went and had a look. When l got to the tree, l realised what it was! how easily l was fooled!Ha!

A McDonald's burger wrapper l think!!! Some strange Butterfly!
With all the snow we have been having lately, the roads have been really badly hammered. There are holes every where and believe me they are dangerous. The council fill them in but within days they need doing again!

As l stood up to carry on walking, l saw something red out the corner of my eye. A beautiful leaf....leaf lace.

Then walking down Wildcroft Road, looking at the trees and bushes on either side of the road, l suddenly realised that Spring is in the air! By that l mean, so many trees are in bud and there is a sort of freah feel about the woods. I smiled to myself at the thought the nights are getting lighter and l am getting happier because of it! All l need now is for the weather to start to get warmer and l will be so happy!

Before seeing my client in Waterloo Station, we had a coffee in Starbucks. I was really taken by one of two tables they had in the coffee shop. Would look really good as a part of a journalling page!

As we reached our correct platform, for our train back to Putney, there was a parked motorized vehicle parked by our the train. Tony carried on walking but l was intrigued to what was it hanging down from handles and hooks on the front of this vehicle. As usual, l had to go and have a look, with Tony calling to me "The train is about to go lynda!". The next three images will show you what l saw and why l had to take images off them! So cute but poor children who must have lost a beloved toy!

As l said cute!

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