Thursday, January 21, 2010

The day of Auntie Ritchie's funeral.

Today l went to my Auntie Richie's funeral. Sad but uplifting. She died too soon at the age of 77. One of the things she loved, and she loved life was Russia, its Art, it's Culture and it's people. She had been there several times and had many Russian friends over there. She would have loved today because believe it or not, it snowed! I can see her throwing snow balls at us in the church yard.
Below are the images l took there and back from the funeral! This was us stopping at a service station for coffee and cakes mainly because Tony got us there nearly 2 hours early!!!

While we were there, a bus load of soldiers were also there. Jenny and l assumed that they were cadets as they looked so young! But no..we were showing our age, as they were "real" soldiers according to Tony!!!

See what l mean...they are young..arn't they?!! The image below is when it had just began to snow. We left London in the rain, and by the time we reached Newbury, it was snowing very heavily.

Although the journey driving in the snow was not good, when we reached the village of Burghclere, it was heaving it down, but the village looked beautiful.

First view of the village church were the service will be held.

I love this lamp in the churchyard and it wasn't until l put it onto the computor, l realised the glass was turquoise!

Going into the church.The snow has softened the whole look of the place and all is sooooo quiet.

I am not sure what has caused the red colour on this tombstone but it looks beautiful. The snow made it stand out even more than usual l would think.
The inside of this church always surprises me. The alter reminds me of a Russian Orthodox Church, full of colour and gold. Not what you expect in a small village church in the south of England. The image isn't that clear but as it was a funeral today it didn't feel right to take images. Will go back another time and take some better ones. The whole church has some interseting things in it. For instance there is a glass engraved window, which is the last one the famous engraver Whistler, did before he died. It was to celebrate 2000. We were told many people in the village, wanted to build a toilet to celebrate the new century..glad they lost!

This an image of my beautiful daughter Jenny and my dad..William James Ernest Kelley MBE (love saying that dad!), after the burial of Auntie Ritchie.

This shows how fast the snow fell this morning, this was about 2 hours worth of snow. I love snow, l know it can really cause chaos but l just love it!

On our way home. Was very strange to reach london and snow! Very boring but l suppose at least it means life will carry on as usual and not stop because it has snowed!
Anyway...goodbye Ritchie, you will be greatly missedx

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