Friday, January 29, 2010

1st part of our amazing walk in Richmond Park/Isabella Plantation.

Hi..on Thursday, Tony and l went for a walk in Richmond Park..up to Penponds and then to somewhere in the park l had never walked round before. Isabella Plantation which is little bit of heaven. It is a natural santuary with bits that are cultivated and some is beautiful. The following images are taken inside the Plantation and will be in 2 parts...then in the third part, l will show the images of the deer in the main park. It was such an amazing couple of hours with a cup of tea and scones at the Lodge. after our walk....well you do have to spoil yourself some times!!!!Bliss!
This is the entrance to the Isobella Plantation. When you first go into the plantation from the Park, you are met by a notice board that gives you information and a map of the Plantation. As we were standing looking at the map, to see if we could get out of the plantation at the other end.( Which actually, you can)There was a wonderful smell of burning wood..wish l could put that smell on here. l just LOVE the smell of wood...a memory from thousand of years ago maybe?

This was one of the first trees that caught my eye. The colours are amazing and the shape is just strange but at the same very artist.

Don't know quite what is on the branches of this very tall, straight tree but they must be growths of some type. Wish l had my old len which would have reached them but that is not one l can use on this Nikon! Shame! 
Walking a little further on, l saw these same growths on a birch tree. I really must find out the name of them, as l see them so often on our walks. This one looks different from the others l have seen and is also slightly different colours. I love the curly shape and frilly edges.
In an image earlier l said l had wished l could see what was on the branches of that very tall tree, well just around the corner l found the answer. They were on the trunk at a lower level, so l could now see them, so l could now take an image. Still don't know what they are but they look like moss!

The next image is of a tree that l think is actually a sculture done by nature and not a tree at all!Ha!
As l talked about earlier, l could smell this wondeful smell of work smoke and then l found where it was coming from. A young lad and an older man, Park gardners, had obviously been cutting down bushes, for what ever reason in that area, and were now burning them. I must admit the sight of the burning fire and the petrol machine parked right next to the fire...did make me think about what a Health and Safety Officer would say!Ha!

From standing watching the fire, l found it hard to leave. I love fires, the smell, the sound and the sight. Perhaps my family are correct..l love fires too much!Ha!
This is such a fasinating, gnarled and lumpy tree. It is hollow, covered in lichen and even though it is dead, it appears to still look as if it has a life of its own!
this dead tree trunk looks as if it should be a carving or maybe a shrine. perhaps l should take to the park and see if l can do some work with these amazing pieces of wood! Um..thinks!
What a unique way to use dead tree trunks and also what a lovely way to remember some one. this bench is in memory of a man who used to be a gardner in this little peice of Paradise.
I will do the rest of this adventure in anothr two parts. It may not be until Monday as l am off to Rutland to move my son and his wife there, from london. Big move for them hope it will all go smoothly.

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