Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday's walk down the hill....such excitment but l did go to the Art Shop!!

Today l walked down into Putney, to buy some paints for my journalling from London Graphics. The walk down was a lot easier than it had been at the weekend. The reason being,  most of the snow on the pavements has now melted. l walk through the woods and although a lot of snow has melted, it still looks beautiful. There were one or two intact snowmen left on the cricket pitch but most of them have been broken up and but one did remain intact, as you can see from the image below. Love the sense of humour of the person who gave this snowman a cup of coffee!

The trees looked so magical and below are some of the many images l took, while walking through the woods.

This tree is my favorite in this part of the woods. It is so full of bumps, holes and fungi and its shape is just incredible. I wonder how old it is?

It took me a while to get this image of snow melting on this fern. Everytime l got it just right, the drop would "drop"!. but l am reasonably pleased with this one. I intend to keep trying to take an image of a water drop, until l get it just right!
As l reached the end of my walk through the trees, l caught a glimpse of a squirrel and a magpie, having a sort of "testing" session. The magpie would rush the squirrel and then stop, then the squirrel would do the same and so it went on for ages, or so it seemed to me. I couldn't get an image of them together as they were moving so fast all the time and totally unpreditable. Then a crow came along and they all went their own way. Great to watch but l did get rather cold!

                                                               and now the magpie!

As l now have my Nikon camera back, l took some better images of some fungi that has been fascinating me for weeks. It is still difficult to take images of it because it is quite far back and behind bars, of a private garden. If anyone reads this and know what this is called...please tell me!

Further down the hill, in the front garden of a block of flats, is a large fungi that l have been checking on and recording its growth, for the last 12 weeks. I thought the snow may have killed it off..but no. A bit smaller and a bit darker but still there!

As l reached the bottom of Putney Hill, l was cheered up by this lady on the other side of the road. She had some wonderful coloured clothes on. That is one of the things l still miss since coming back to the colour all year round, not just in the summer! The orange plastic carrierbag adds something to the style, don't you think?


Leann said...

Lovely picks. I wish I was on a winter wonderland walk myself.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your encouraging words.

Robin said...

What a lovely walk you took, and that snowman with the coffee is a riot.

Gena D said...

Hi Lynda! Love the shots of snow on the fungi and also on the fern....
happy weekend!
Gena @ thinking aloud
a photoblog
South Africa

maryt/theteach said...

Lynda, such great shots during your walk! Thank you for commenting on my blog about my medical procedure which went very well. I'm good now and back to blogging! :)

Janet B. said...

Hi Lynda, came to your blog via Leann's, wow what gorgeous photos, loved the snow on the fungi, fell in love with puss on the washing machine, but that would be my soft spot for anything feline talking...Janet B.