Monday, January 04, 2010

Kew Gardens Part 2

Part 2 of Kew Gardens.
Walking through Kew gardens there is so much to see even in Winter. The image below really caught my eye because of its weird shape. One side looked like it had a covering of long hair over it.

Going up to see this tree, l found a really weird log at the base of the tree. It has very unusual colours on it and looks like someone has painted it.But it did look beautiful lying there on the ground, amongst the leaves and fir branches. It is green and orangy/brown, purple and black. At first l thought the log had been burnt but it turned out not to be the case. Very interesting log indeed.

Lying all around on the ground were dead and dying fir tree branches and till now l had never realised how beautiful they could look. Such beautiful rich colours.

Even in winter there is colour in the garden among the branches. I don't know what this shrub is called, but you see it every where and It has beautiful red branches.

And next to it was this tree, that is red and peels like paper! All very colourful and on a very cold Winter's day!

Working my way down to the big pond, l came across this amazing tree. It had a type tag on and l think it said it was a Thin Ash but l am not sure. Anyway it just fascinated me! I could spend ages taking images, rubbings and drawings of this tree. Unfortunatly l had Tony with me and he can't stand still for more than a few mins!Ha. So l will be going back to spend an hour or so with this tree in the future!

It is just so full of different textures,holes,strange, curves and bumps in strange places! It is just so gorgeous to someone who just loves textures!

This was one if the strange "lumps" on this tree. I have a friend in Australia l know would die to hug this tree!
I reached the pond and discovered a lot of it was still frozen and there were many a confused bird, pottering around on the ice trying to break through it. I managed to get very near to the pond edge, so l could take a better image. Reason being, as some of you will know, is my Nikon is still in the hospital and l am using a point and shoot camera! So l am taking more daring risks to get nearer my targets. I had to step over a rope..wonder why that was there!!!...and carefully step on the very slippery, icy stones to get to edge. All the while watching out for Kew Staff who would not be pleased with me. Also there were signs everywhere, saying things like, "DO NOT CROSS THE ROPE" and "DANGER.....THIN ICE"!!!! I think the effort was worth it because l am pleased with the results.

The circles you can see in this image, are air bubbles in the ice. I have not done anything to this image to change the colour. It really was this deep blue, so beautiful. The whole day the weather was amazing,bright blue sky, only one or teo small white fluffy clouds, no wind but freezing. Everything in the gardens look crisp and bright. A fantastic day to visit Kew.
When l turned round to walk towards the bridge, l saw this tree in the distance. It looks so like a leaf or the design you often see on printed on Indian fabric.

There is a bridge that crosses the pond and there are often, as there were today, people feeding the swans, ducks and seagulls. There was a lot of noise coming from the birds and added to that, the shouts and laughting of the children involved in the throwing of bread. As l was watching the children, l looked down into the water to see the birds and saw this amazing reflection in the water. As you can see. it is the bridge reflected in the pond.

Moving around and sometimes sitting on benchs, were two peacocks, male and female. Such beautiful birds, even the female is beautiful, even though she isn't as flamboyant as the male!

The less bright but such as stunning peahen in all her glory.

Their Christmas Tree was decorated beautifully in blue and white and clear glass tear drops.

Kew has a train that takes people for a tour of the gardens. The front of the train was decorated with holly but the inside had to be seen to be believed! A bit over the top l thought but l could see the children thought it was wonderful.

Then l wrapped up again and we left to go home in our wonderful mini!This time not a self portrait, Tony took this one.

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