Friday, January 08, 2010

More snow images!

Here are some more images from yesterday but this time as we got nearer home. The road was very slippery just by our flats but in the twilight, it looked very romantic!
Just on the left size of this image, is said to be the second oldest cricket pitch in London. There were loads of children and adults out on it, building snowmen. I was very surprised to see a young lad building a snowman, wearing shorts! Breed um tough round here you know! He was in a uniform, so maybe he had been playing sport.

There were loads of snowmen on the cricket pitch but it was getting dark and so l could only take one of them with my point and shoot camera. So l took the biggest on the field and it was at least 6 ft tall! I can imagine adults making this rather than children but l may be wrong!

This is a snowman that we came across in our estate, as we were laughting at it, the top floor window opened and "We built it" and lots of laughter was heard! They were two Australians girls learning out of the window waving at us! Snow always seems to bring "the child" out in us!
I don't think my husband Tony, has got the hang of fair play!!! and he threw at me!!!!

We did have so much fun though ..l am so glad Tony has is good!


Sylvia K said...

What a fun day! And what great shadow shots! I think when we don't have snow for months and months, every year, then the snowfall is fun and does bring out the child in us! Have a great weekend and throw a snowball for me!!


Lynda said... long as you don,t have to to is fun. I feel sorry for all the people trying to catch trains ect. I threw a few snowballs for yopu today!