Monday, January 04, 2010

Some more things l had never noticed in Putney before...again!

Today Sunday, we went for a walk down to Putney to do a little bit of shopping. The town was heaving with people and the coffee shops were over flowing with people! It was very cold but beautiful and blue skies. As we were going down Putney Hill, we popped in again to the flats, where the amazing fungi is growing around a desd tree trunk. Most of it has been killed by snow and frost and either had shrivelled up or was dying.

The image below is the fungi almost done! Very mushy and slimy!

Having done some shopping, we started our journey home but the pretty way, as we say!  As we went past the libary, we go past the back entrance of Cancer Relief. What l find sad is that electrical goods are no longer accepted because they can't be guarenteed to be safe.Prams,cots ect can't be accepted either because they need to be spotless and have all their instructions with them!  How do people manage to get cheap second- hand-stuff these day? I suppose thinking about it, people either have hand- me- downs or maybe ebay as well as new..Just seems such a shame, in some many ways, to just put the stuff in landfill!

Just before we turned to leave the main street, we go past a hairstylist called "Tomato". I wonder isn't exactly explaining to you what the shop does!Hax

As we got out of town, we started to go pst all those lovely house..but l would have to have a cleaner!Ha! There were some beautiful Christmas Wreaths on doors, so l decide to put them on here for you all to see.

As we went pass a Laundrette, there in the window was a tabby cat fast asleep. Sitting in the sun and having the heat from the dryers! On the right side of the cat can you see his toy..a ball with a fish printed on it!

The image below is a better one of the cat. The above image shows the cat in the laundrette better.

To end this blog, l have a funny image. As l walked pass this postbox, l had to go back again. So one had put two little dots on the box..can you see what they have made it look like? VERY FUNNY!

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shopannies said...

what fun pictures love the red box it is so funny looking