Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Income Tax ...ugh!

Today was a work day..l am late doing my Tax Returns. Well not exactly late, dead line is in by 31st January, l just normally have it in by now! Panic! So some of the images you will see today are images of what my paper work is like..all over the lounge floor and chairs! my study doesn't have enough stace to spread out!

My floor is covered, if you can see red, it is my carpet!

So many train tickets..l wonder how far l travel every year?

I hate having to write everything down but l am getting better. Every pen l buy, all my work journeys,  every telephone call l make for clients and books l buy have to be noted! But l am getting better each year, so that tax time is not so traumatic!
To give myself a break, l went and did my shopping in Tesco"s supermarket. Some break you say but actual it was quite good. I think l will go shopping on a Tuesday evening more often. Almost empty carpark and very few customers..bliss!

Very rarely do l see this many trollies when l go shopping! The next image is my husband Tony shopping inside the store. Actually l was quite worried about taking this image. The last time l tried to take a photo in the store, l was very politely shown out by a security guard! So this time, l set my camera with no flash!...and it worked. Big sigh of relief!

Then after packing the shopping into the "pocket rocket", we went off to find a postbox to post two important letters! I had not realised how many of our local postboxes now only have a collection at 5.30pm each day!!!When did they stop having 2 collections a day? We ended up going into Putney to post them at the Main Railway Station Box. Even there l couldn't tell when the collections were because some kind soul has broken the information metal disk attacted to the box in half! So l am hoping it still has two collections a day!!!

After a posts the letters, in the box just out of the image on the right,  these guys appeared in front of me. Thought the rather jazzy hat and the black and white socks went very well together! Looks as if they had come from Football ...l didn't envy them, the weather is freezing at the moment!

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