Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow on Putney Heath and Wimbledon Common.

The snow fell,and fell and fell and fell and it is beautiful! 5 inchs of snow fell on my flat today and there is more to come ,or so the weather man says! Goody!
Below are some of the images l took when Tony and l went for a walk on Putney Heath and Wimbledon Common. If you go to my face book page, you will see the video of me sliding down a slope on a blue bin liner!! My first ever time..yeh..go for it again!!! I am trying to put it on here but so joy. But l will keep trying.x
These are my boots up in the air, as l slid down the slope on a Mark One blue bin liner! This was not easy to hold camera and try and stear bin liner down slope. hense this is the only image l was able to take!Ha!
Tony on the Mark One blue bin liner. Oh! Tony has told me to tell you, it is a rubble bin liner..toughened plastic!
The first snowman we found on Wimbledon Common...very regal looking with it's weath and crown!
I love thistles normally but l thought with snow on it, it looked especially beautiful and magical. Thistles are normally hard and prickly, as you know. Just a few inches of snow and it suddenly looks very fragil!
Oh my goodness, this tree is so magical and looks as if it should be in a fairy tale story.
This image is blurred but l still think it has an energy about it and also a sense of emotion. Don't ask me why or how but several people have said the same thing.
This to me, is a sure sign that Christmas is coming to an end. People bring out their redundent Christmas tree to either be shredded or if it has roots on, be replanted.
This is the view ( without snow normally)that you see, when you turn left out of my flats and go towards Putney Heath. The snow softens the view and also any sounds. Normally, once you reach the Heath you can hear the cars on the A3. Stop, traffic....real dead silence..bliss.
oh...sad, Tony trudging out in the falling snow, to take the Christmas tree to the tip. I always feel sad when l take all the decorations down and have to get rid the tree but l also feel glad because l can get the house back to normal!
If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know l have a thing about plastic bags. Why..? l have no idea! But this frozen bag looked like a sculpture of a bag, as it is folded and tucked into a shape it would be unable to keep, unless frozen!

These are my wonderful new, brightly coloured welly boots, which are saying goodbye to the Christmas tree! I did find though, next time l wear them, l must put on two pairs of socks or one very thick pair! My feet got cold but not wet, thank goodness.
Snow in Putney, Putney Heath and Wimbledon Common.

This last view is of the side entrance into my 1930's estate. I thought it looked magical and very welcoming.



candy4me said...

Oooh, burr, I posted an answer to your question about my Cinderella doll pattern on my blog.
I can't believe how cold it is here in Florida, I can't get warm...LOL

Judy Wise said...

Hello from the rainy Pacific Northwest across the pond. I love your snow pictures and I too am loving my class with Susannah. I'm all caught up on the assignments - yay! xo