Sunday, January 24, 2010

Really you?

Yesterday, friday, l had a very slow walk down into town, so l could really look at where l usually walk. I had been ready interested in an article l read a few days ago about "Are you really looking at the world around you"? I consider that l really look at my surroundings but maybe l could look further into things? Anyway, l decided that l would look first and then look through my camera lens. Suddenly l realised that, yes l do look every where l go but it is nearly always through my lens! So l have learnt something about myself today.
I see this tree everyday, sunshine, wind or in the rain. Today l stood and really looked at this tree trunk. Suddenly l began to see that the rain that had fallen an hour or so ago had collected in the middle of the branches....and slowly was trickling down the tree trunk. I must have seen this tree, after rain for many years and yet l had never really noticed this happening. It took me awhile to get this image but l am pleased with it.

 Then as l was watching this raindrop running down the trunk, l noticed that the hole just above looked just like a horses eye. Do you agree?

 Every day l walk past a pile of "stuff" dumped beside the pavement, on the grass verge. I have just always though it was a pile of earth and a few bits of wire. Then lbecause of that article, decided to look deeper. Actually although it is rubbish, in this image it looks beautiful.

After the rain, do you look at the trees around you? I mean to do see the raindrops on the trees or do you see individual drops on a branch? There is a difference l promise. Yesterday, l saw the rain on the trees and then l saw how beautiful they were. The sun had come out and was shinning on the tree and the raindrops looked like diamonds hanging from the branches. Beautiful!

I am sorry if l sound as though l have gone all poetic and soft but this exercise really has made me think about how l see things.
One of the many photography projects l am doing concerns Bananas..yes, l said Bananas! I don't know if it happens where you live but here in London, l am always seeing discarded Bananas all over the place. So for fun l thought that every time l saw a disguard banana, l would take its image. I never knew that they could look so different once peeled and not only that, some of the skins look beautiful. I kid you not. It is all to do with the light, the way they have landed and where they were thrown away. I think the one l found yesterday is an example of how artistic it can be!

So that was my day of looking! Hope you enjoyed it too and maybe it has made you think about "really" looking at things around you!


Ria said...

Dear glad to know you..and thank you for visiting my blog! You look so young yet your kid already grown up. Yes, I enjoy my days with my kids right here and now, cause soon it will be different era.:)
So grateful to be reminded by your story today.

Just because someone has their eyes closed does not mean they are asleep. Just because someone has their eyes open does not mean they can see. (Matthew Kelly)

Have a nice day!

Lynda said...

Thank u for the nice compliment..l am 57 xxxLove that quote.
yes our children do grow up so quickly and l wish more parents would realise that. I hear so many young mum's talking about how boring it is to have to look after their children all the time! Children are a gift and l think we have to remember that all all times!x

Dayna Collins said...

You are truly Walking in This World! Isn't it amazing what we see when we pay attention?