Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Saturday walk around Putney.

The snow is still here and over this weekend it hasn't got any warmer!There is still a lot of snow around and most pavements are still very icy and dangerous! On Saturday we were being very careful and walking slowly on the icy pavement, when up the hill, walking as if there was no ice, was a lady of about 70.  What surprised me even more, was the fact she had 4inch pointed heels on and there l was struggling in wellington boots!Ha! Below is an image to show you what the pavement looked like that this elderly lady was walking on!

Further along the road l came across a pair of Ugg boots. Wonder why they were there? and what the story was? when l saw a rubber heel. Some poor woman, in the snow had suddenly got a problem..only one boot wearable! I only hope she had one or more people with her to help carry her or maybe they or she got a taxi! questions, questions, questions!???

Tony and l decided after have coffee to warm us up, that we would make our way home via back streets of Putney. As we were going along one of the many small alleyway, l came across this glass decoration in a wall around a house. When l really looked at the glass window, l realised that behind the glass was another brick wall! I wonder why the two layers?

As we made our way through a private estate, we came across a trolley from a supermarket. As the wheels stick when taken outside, l often wonder how they get these trolleys so far away from the shop!! Anyway this one had some food still in it..a bunch of bananas which l think may have been there quite a while, judging by their colour.

The thought of a hot cup of tea kept us going the last 10 mins............

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