Tuesday, February 02, 2010

2nd part of day in Richmond Park

Here are the next of the images from our Richmond Park Trip.
As soon as l turned the corner and saw this tree, l just stood in awe. The shape is so strange, it looks like it is many trees twisted together to form one. Then the next thing that struck me, was that the branches start from the base of the tree. Really very unusual, l don't think l have ever seen this before. And to finish of this amazing tree is the colour. A beautiful orange, brown and sort of rust colours, all as though they have been rubbed into the bark! As the tree got taller, so the colour became lighter and lighter, until it became grey in colour. It was also very straight and very tall, also less twisted at the top. The bark was smooth in places and very rough in others. I could stand and look at it for hours.
Eventually, Tony asked if l was rooted to the spot or did l think we could move on as he was getting a bit frozen!haxx So we carried on walking round and exploring this amazing little bit of paradise. The next tree we came across is one of my favorite. In our house it is called The Paper Tree but l think it is some sort of birch! I have used it many times in my Art work, you can even write on it.
Walking past this tree, after putting a few pieces of into my backpack for a later Art "playtime", l heard this strange noise and looked around to see where it was coming from. I never found the source of the noise but instead my eyes were drawn to a craving on the bark of a tree, about 8 feet up the main tree trunk and then along one of the branches. A cannabis leaf carving...with initial which l couldn't quite see well enough to photograph.

We walked on a little further and came into the cultivated part of the Isobella Plantation, little gravel paths, beautifully cut and shaped hedges and shrubs, lots of beds of different plants such as Heathers and the colours and smells were intoxicating. I can imagine, in the summer this place must be a riot of colours and smell and sounds and will definetly be back then. I have decided that l will start a journal about how, this part of Richmond Park, The Isobella Plantation, changes through out the year. The colours, the shapes, smells and the sounds of this place, maybe a few videos and sound bites. I am getting quite excited about it. Watch this space, maybe l will start a new blog just for this!
Anyway the next image, is of the first time l saw the little stream that runs through this part of the Plantation, it even has miniature falls, as the image below shows!

These ferns and grasses are stunning even when they are dead and dying! It always surprises me how many browns there are and how many different shades there are of each. I am always fasinated by an artist friend of mine that can mix colours just by looking at them. She just looks, gets out the colours she needs and mixs....almost correct everytime she does it. Apparently, according to her mother, she has done it ever since she was small. She remembers when my friend was about 6, she had an arguement with her school teacher, who in this young girl's mind, had mixed a colour incorrectly! Too much blue in a green leaf according to her....she was proved right and had a letter from the teacher to prove it!Ha. Out of the mouths of babes comes to mind.
Have you ever looked at a tree and decided it looked wrong? That's what happened to me when l saw this next tree. I will have to saw you the image , so that you will understand what l am trying to explain.

When l first saw this tree, l thought that some one had put this "stake" into the tree with some force. The colour was so different from the main trunk and it just seem to thrust itself from the main trunk ...very percuilar. Then at closer inspection you realise that it really is part of this tree and the rest of the branch has been cut off at an angle.
Tony and l kept going back to look at this tree, because we are not really convinced 
 we have made the right decision but....isn't Nature wonderful?
Then at the bottom of the tree l found this wonderful part of the tree. If you look closely at this ...can you see a face? Two eyes, a nose and a very grumpy looking mouth. I can also see two ears and hair coming down into a point on his forehead ...can you?
Tomorrow l will put up the ducks we discovered round the large pond, which is situated in the cultivated part of the Plantation. Here is a teaser to get you back tomorrow!!
Isn't this Mandarin Duck stunning?

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