Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some more of the Rutland Saga!..if you can stand it!

If you can take it..the last part of the move to Rutland!!! On..... On guys
We did have a problem last night. Tony was very ill, he kept saying it was the drink but l was sure he was having a heart attack but he wouldn't listen. Anyway, next morning, l told the kids, much to Tony's annoyance, that tony was to supervise but NOT lift anything. bless them, they made sure he just watched ot adviced!
While Gemma and Andrew went off to collect the keys and take over their house, we waited and we waited! Eventually they came back..the boys and Jenny went to the new house and Gemma, Tony, Andrew and l went to Gemma's uncle's house,which is amazing . He designed and built it himself, l think this is the 5 one!! It is the most perfect house l have ever been in. The garden runs down to Rutland Water. I am very jealous. Anyway, we were there to pick up a table and chairs which they are donating to the new couple's house.
This house is so amazing, it is rare that l find a house l could just move into and do nothing. But this one l could. One of the on going projects l am working on is about shoes and the next image just had to be taken. This is their cupboard for outdoor shoes....!
That is one of the few things that is wrong with my lovely where really to store shoes and boots! While the kids went to load the table and chairs, Tony and l tidied up the van. I did not realise how many cups of coffee we had drunk on this trip, until it came to throw away the rubbish! One cool shot l manage to capture, was coffee pouring out of the cup Tony was disposing of!

Then because it was so cold, we went inside for another (!)  quick cup of coffee and then we had to go straight back to the new house. But before we went, l had to go and say hi to Miranda's chickens. They are gorgeous and all different colours. ..l love chuck chucks!

On the road again and we went though such gorgeous villages and countryside. I'm putting a few images up of the villages and house we passed through, on our final leg of the journey to "The House"!

The image below is the street that leads from the start of the village to their new home. Please note all the thatched beautiful and cute!! So many of these thatched houses need their roof re-thatched. I know expensive it is and also l think there is a shortage of thatchers. So they may look very "country" but l think they are a lot of trouble to look after and keep looking amazing. Also l don't like to think what might be living in l sleep in my bed below it!Ha! I am not really a country girl..sorry Tony!
And roll of is their sweet, cosy and welcoming home.

And l managed to catch the moment that the two newly weds oped, together, their new home.
While we all unloaded the van, Gemma got down to the task of checking the inventory and double checking everything. As l know, from many moves in this country and overseas, as an Army wife and then a Banker's wife, if you don't check and re-check everything..they will get you when you match out!
The guys tried for quite a while to place the fridge/freezer we had picked up from family, into the kitchen..didn't fit! problem!! So was decided to put in shed to become a very large drinks fridge for amazing parties!
This is Ollie and Tom manhandelling the fridge with Kim supervising! The next image show Kim "still" supervising........

Kim still supervising and then......adding his finger to the fridge/freezer made all the difference to how it eventually went through the door!
Priceless..amazing what adding one finger can do Kim!Ha!
Today was very cold and still freezing at lunch time and the following image will show you how cold it still was at 3pm. It is a piece of moss that had fallen off the roof. It was solid ice at 10am and still solid now and didn't look as if it was going to melt anytime soon!
the back garden of the house is laid to lawn, with a few fruit trees dotted around.

 One one of the trees were some fungi and round the base of the tree loads of snowdrops.....Cold it maybe but perhaps Spring is round the corner!!Well l can hope can't l?

Now all the boxes had been placed in the house, the van was empty and we were all tired and hungry! The kids decided to go and find a pub but Tony and l decided we we start off towards London and stop to eat later. We had coffee and biscuits, we could last until we got on the Motorway.

We wanted to get back as soon as possible before the weekends decided to head back to Town too! Once on the road, the traffic wasn't too bad but we did laugh when we saw this old tractor on the back
 of a lorry.

If you remember, we saw bales of hay on the way up and now a tractor on the way back. What a rural place my son is going to be living in!
After awhile the traffic started to get busier, so we decided to stop and have a meal. Just before we stopped, we came across this roundabout. Can't think why they would have this huge arched cat, looking like a witch's cat, in the middle of the roundabout. Any ideas?

After we had had a decent length of time in the cafe, we got back into the van and off we went again. Caught this image of my "truckie" at the wheel of his vehicle! He so loves driving, should have been a lorry driver!Ha
The next two images are of the amazing skies we had on this journey home. Just amazing, colourful, vibrant skies and reminds me how lucky we are to be living in this astonishing world!
The next image looks as if my world is on fire..astonishing!

Then we reached home and realised as we came through the gates of our compound, we had travel 500 miles this weekend..door to door!!
end of an amazing weekend and quite a saga!

PS...It was not until a week later, that we had confirmed, that Tony had had a heart attack on Saturday night. He promises me he will listen to me in future, when l are ill and need an ambulance NOW. l am very lucky to still have him with me!


Joops said...

Oh no, I had a mild one over in Korea and scared me to death.

Our doctor's appointment

kate said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Lynda said...

to joops..gope you are ok now. thanks for visitng.lynda
Hi Kate..thats for visitng and commenting on my blog. nice to know people enjoy it and l am not just blogging to myself!Hax lynda

Tina Gilmore said...

Their home looks lovely, nice long weekends away for you ant Tony.
great blog.