Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A few images to cheer myself up! Enjoy!

I have decide to cheer myself up and put some of my funny images no particular order..ENJOY!!
Saw this image in Plymouth..thought it looked so funny, as the man looked shattered and very stressed! This next image is a little out of focus but even so, l think you will be able to see the funny side still! I was on my way home, walking through Central London, later one night last week and saw this!!
The "halo comes from an advert on the other side of the road, shinning into the tfn shop window!Cool! The next image is one l saw outside Hammersmith Tube Station. When l first walked past l did not reallt notice them because of the oil can infront of it. coming back to the station, l saw it straight away. The funny thing about these traffic lights were...they were still switched on!
The next image is one l saw at a Starbuck's Coffee Shop in South Ealing! A frustrated child tyring to get a parent to stop smoking or maybe a person desperate to give up!
Well...what do you think!?

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