Monday, February 08, 2010

Removal trip from London to Rutland.

Last weekend, my family and 3 of my children's friends moved my son Andrew and his wife, of 6mths Gemma, from London up to Rutland. We hired an extended Ford Luton transit van with tail lift, my husband was in his element, as he used to be an Officer in the Army with The Royal Corp of Transport (now known as The Logisitic's Corp!). He loves driving, big vans and trucks and generally anything he needs his HGV licence for. He is a big kid reallyx Give him a big truck to drive and he is as happy as Larry.Question..where did that saying come from?? Funny when you think about it, when Tony was invalided out of the Army and became a Banker....what a culture show we had. That's for another blog day l promise. I have also been asked to blog about my l am working on that now!!
Anyway, back to this move. My daughter Jenny, Tom, my son's best man at his wedding, Ollie, who Andrew has met again after being in Dubai with him and his family( his father is godfather to both my children but had lost touch with us) in 1980's and Kim who works for Gemma's dad, all came up for the weekend to help. Trust me....they are a cheeky, full of fun, party loving 28-34 year olds, who l sometimes think have not yet got the hang of being grown ups !haxx
Tony and l went up in the truck, Jenny drove the boys up in the people carrier and Gemma and Andrew drov up in their car.
I must admit, we were a little worried about the weather forecast, as we woke up to find  this on the windscreen!

When we arrived at the flat in Ealing, the packing of the truck was well underway, with much, joking, moaning and horse play going on. There were weights, hats shoes, boxes and rucksacks laying all over the place! Poor neighbours. The kids are renting their flat out and renting for the first year up there and then see how the land lies with Gemma's new job, Andrew's new photography enterprise and the area it's self.
Eventually everthing was packed up and stacked..Andrew it has appeared HAS listened to his dad over the years and knows how to pack a truck properly..he dad was very proud of him!!
While all this mad activity was going on, l went for a last wander around the area. I can't help because of my spine problems and if l wasn't there watching, l didn't feel so guilty, that l couldn't help in any way. Silly l know but that's me!
As l went off to get some coffee's and pastries for the long trip...l happened to like down into a garden and can you see what l can in the image below?
Yes...a broken wooden cloths hanger..going back to it's roots perhaps! ouch sorry but l couldn't resisit iot!
Just along from the house my son's flat is in, a new build if flats and l just love their fencing and gate decorations. They remind me of ladels that you melt metal in!

 Interesting that the colour of this metal changes depending on the temperature of the weather. I really like this sort of pale blue/guin grey colour.
Outside starbucks Coffee Shop there are several tables and chairs, for those people that still smoke. At one of these tables was an ashtray and inside this was about the equivelent of a packet of 20 cigarettes, all broken at one end. Beside this ashtray was also an empty pain killers packet. Now was this someone angry, someone who has decided to give up now on the spot or did an angry girlfriend/boyfriend destroy their partners packet in sheer desperation? Also were the tablets taken to ease the pain of a headache that is often part of the withdraw systems?Or maybe they took the tablets simply because they realised what they had done and needed to calm down and decide what to do next? I think l watch too many Silent Witness and NCIS programmes!Ha! Just thought of another reason...angry child destroys mum's fags!
And with that thought, l will say good night and tell you the rest of this very funny adventure tomorrow. Reason being it is 01.33 in the morning and l am going to try, again to go to sleep! Is it just me or do other women in their late 50's seem to have sleep problems....?Nightx

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