Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost and Found Gloves!

For the last 4 years or so, l have been collecting Lost or Found gloves!! I must have over 150, l should think! I never know if l should say ..l collect "Lost' or is it ..I collect "Found" gloves? I mean if you drop your glove, you have lost it but if l see your glove and pick it up or photograph it, l have found it! Anyway l now have a large amount but thats a different project/story for another blog entry! I thought it might be fun to show you, on here, some of those gloves!!
I always laugh when l look at this image, the reason being,  that the rubber gloved finger looks like the finger- nail is still there! and why is the hole there and how is the glove supported. Even though l have looked several times, the glove seems to be sticking to the wood by...thin air! very weird. It is the only glove l have ever left in place. Why? other people could try and find out the answer where l failed!ha!
The next image is a black knitted glove. If l had a pound for every black glove l found..l'd be rich. I think black must be the nations favorite colour for gloves. Either that or people buy cheap black gloves because they know they are going to loose them and that way it doesn't cost them the earth!
The exception to the black rule is children's gloves. They are nearly always colourful and have wonderful designs on them. The draw back for me as the collector is, because they are bright and colourful, parents tend to notice when the child either drops or throws their glove on to the ground. Some times l get the glove below.  

Now l can hear you saying things like poor parents wasting money on having to buy new gloves, why don't you leave them where they are? Maybe the parents will come back and retrieve it. Well l do try and leave the glove for a while and sometimes a day or more, just in case the owner comes back. I am not really that cold hearted l promise!!
The next glove is a disposible glove. This was one l saw on Wimbledon Common and l am sure the owner of this glove would not spend time trying to find it again! It is properbly one of a pair, that a dog owner would keep in their pockets. "Why"? ask if you are not a dog owner? Well... we are all encouraged these days to pick up our animals waste others words...Shit! One wouldn't be advised to pick it up without a glove..then you place glove and forementioned "shit" into a plastic bag and dispose of both, in a nearby dustbin...if you are in luck. If take it home with you!
 This one looks as though some driver took his temper out on it! The next Lost and Found image, is of a child's knitted glove. We found this one, while we were resting after walking to The Windmill on Wimbledon Common. It had been put on the back of the bench we were sitting on, by someone who properbly found it on the floor. It was a bit damp, so l think it had been there quite a few hours. It looked as though it might fit a child of around 8 or 9 years old. I do hope they didn't get into trouble. I can remember that as children, in fact right up to the age of about 13, l had to have a tape on our gloves. By that l mean,  a glove was attached to a peice of tape, that was threaded through each of the arms of your coat and then the other glove was attached to the other end of the tape. That way it was almost impossible to loose them. You had to come up with an amazing excuse, if ever you really wanted to get rid of them. I remember once, a young boy in my class, he must have been about 7, told his mum that a dragon had burnt the tape, when the dragon had spoken to him and therefore he had lost the gloves!!!! I wonder where he is now?..maybe a member of Parliment perhaps!

The last two images are of the common black glove! The first one, is a rather nice leather glove with a thin wool lining. I feel sorry for the lady who lost it, quite expensive l should think. It was very wet and soggy, so l think it had been there most of the day and well into the evening. I nearly missed it but as l waited for the lights to change, l saw it out of the corner of my eye! The lights of the cars must have made it shine enough for me to notice it!

The last image is of again an expensive black leather glove, lined with cotton this time. I found it hanging on an iron gate, with barbed wire wound round some of the bars. The gate was "guarding" a field that housed chickens, a broken down shed and a horse, wearing beautifully polished brass and a warm coat!

I have hundreds more gloves but l think that would be pushing your interest in my blog, just a little too far!Ha


Tina Gilmore said...

Fab blog Lynda, lost gloves, i always feel sort of sad when i see one glove on it's own, lost and lonely, wondering if it's sad at being left behind!!! ha.

Lynda Howells said...

Ha..perhaps thats why l collect them, because l can't bear to think of them being on their own and lonely!Hax Once again thanks for visitingx Also you asked if you could follow my blogs...please doxxlyndax