Friday, February 12, 2010

Reason why l have been absent for a week!

Sorry l haven't been on for a few days but my husband had a heart attack a week or so ago and my world has been turned up side down! We think he had the actual attack on the Saturday night, we were up in Rutland, moving Gemma and Andrew into their new home. I knew he was not well but Tony didn't want to upset the move. Also it would have been difficult to get van/lorry back to London ect. But for those of you who know my husband..he is stubborn and wouldn't let me call an ambulance because he didn't want to be a nuisence! He has promised in future, he will listen to me!um...!He is now home with me again and so my world has settled. He has lots of tabs to take and he has to give himself two injections a day for a week. I am so proud of him for being able to do it. Anyway my head is coming back together again slowly and l am begining to come back into the world.
Another reason l didn't blog for a week, was my computer had broken down..maybe in sympathy with Tony's heart

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