Friday, February 12, 2010

Further tales of the trip to Rutland!!

Next part of the Saga! No Tony not that Saga!!!!
Travelling out of London, l was so sad to see how many houses/flats are boarded up and have "Danger..Keep Out" notices on doors or windows. Metal or wooden boards all over the building. There are so many people without homes, why can't we use these houses/flats, privatly or council owned for these homeless people. It seems criminal that they should stay empty for years on end and no one does anything about it. Maybe they, the owners could be fined if they are left to rot and not used to house people? Anyway, l shall get of my soap box now and get on with the story!
Today was the first time l had a really good view of the roof of the new Wembley Stadium. Having a very clear blue sky also made for it to stand out very clearly! It is still faraway but it is the nearest l have been to it, where l have been able to take it's picture.

As drove round this roundabout and drove on a duel carraigeway towards the Staduim, the sky suddenly started to change and the clouds drifted across the blue sky...snow clouds started to appear!
As we drove along further out of London, we expected it to snow but nothing happened. There were signs though that showed us how cold it still was. The next image will show that it was still below freezing, even though the sky was blue and the sun was shinning!
The sky was a beautiful blue and above, flying over the dual carraiage way and the hills was a glider. Tony and both the children love gliding and would go when ever they could find the time and the money. Me..l get travel sick but l might have a try one of these days!
Then from looking up into the sky, l looked back down to the road and saw this just in front of us. It is a long time since l have seen a wagon carrying so many bales and on a Motorway as well. Must be a very confident driver and done this trip many times! The other factor that would have made this trip hard was there was a very strong cross wind!
I have tried for many years, to photograph any bridge going over the motorway, which l am on. I never seen to get it right, either there are no cars on the bridge or there is no traffic in front of me, to make it interesting! Then l got it right on this trip..yeh!!! I just prayed that it was not blurred but as it was taken through the windscreen at quite a speed, l wasn't going to hold my breath! I was very pleased with the end result.

The next thing l saw that interested me, was a motorway sign post. I don't think l have ever seen a sign like this anywhere in the UK before. Have you? Always makes me giggle!
I giggle each time l look at it..not sure why really!!
We were not going straight to Rutland but going via Birmingham....yes well! Gemma's sister had a fridge-freezer that they didn't need and had offered it to Andrew and Gemma. So we de-toured via their house, to put this monster in the back of the truck. Just before their house, we went pass this interesting building, which l thought was perhaps the council offices or something like that. But in fact it was  Lym Methodist Church! Jut doesn't look like a church does it? Mine you l suppose it does look very dark and sinister..enough to put the fear of God into people?

While the fridge-freezer was being loaded into the lorry, the rest of us went to get warm and have a cup of tea. Gemma was feeling very cold and complaining because their under-ground heating was not on and so sat where it was warmest in the kitchen!
The dog basket!Ha

After leaving the family, we got back on track again to Rutland and as we got back on the motorway..we were faced with this sign. Not a good omen!

The sky became very dark very quickly!
So off to find the hotel and our beds....all of us very shattered. We were all meant to have a meal together but 2 of the group didn't make it and were not actually seen until early in the morning. It was a complete shambles but l won't embarress the people involved by talking about it on here! But there were many hangovers next morning.
The only thing that did happen that night, which l will comment upon was Tony's heart attack! He will listen to me next time!Thank God he didn't leave us that night! To think he drove the van all the way back to London the next day, doesn't bare thinking about!
The hotel we stayed was not brillant but the staff were great. It was quite old l think and one of the things  
that really caught my eye was the fireplace. The tiles round the fire place were beautiful and l just loved the colours.

There are also these lovely old red tiles, in an amazing pattern on the floor. They take a lot of looking after. How do l know this?.... because when we were in the Army, one of the quarters we occupied had these tiles. You have to paint them with a red polish and then buff them very hard. When we were marched out of the quarter, the house as well as the floor had to be spotless! Believe me, it is hard work but they do look amazing when polished well!
Right off to bed..tomorrow is going to be a hard day!


Tina Gilmore said...

I love that motorway sign, not seen one like that before. It's at the other end of a motorway i used to travel regularly the M1 from Leeds to Nottingham, then the M42 and M5 and M50 into South Wales. I had to be careful not to pick up the M40 to London on that route!!!! although did it once on the way up. Sorry to hear about your hubby, it must be very traumatic for you, glad to hear that he's ok now though. Love your photos, especially your london ones, i always try to do that from the csr but mine never come out right. take care xx

Lynda said...

thank you for your kind comments about my husbandx
Also glad you like my imagesx lynda

white black red said...

I want to be in that airplane with the wonderfully blue sky and going somewhere warm!

mina said...

thanks for visiting our blog and correcting me re: the dragonflies. alex also corrected me around the same time i read your comment. boy, is my face red.

Lynda said...

sorry..didn't mean to embarress you...xxbut thannks for visiting and keep on enjoying your tripxxlynda

gemini said...

Hello Lynda, love your photos..uniquely creative with an interest in peoples activities. share some more of it. join me for ruby tuesday.

Lynda said...

thank you gemini..l have tried to post on your blog but it just seems to eat my comment!! I have already posted my Ruby Tiuesday image!