Thursday, February 04, 2010

Deer in Richmond Park

Within minutes of parking the car, there were the Fallow deer. We were very careful to walk round them so they couldn't smell us and it worked. I got so near it was amazing. I was so in awe, l almost forgot to take images! It is really eerie sometimes, the way a deer will look "straight" at you. Just for a minute, you feel you should slowly back away, then you realise actually you are safe. The reason being it is not the mating/rutting season, so in theory they won't charge you!!

Then just a little further along from the Roe deer, were the Fallow deer (think tht is the right way round!) which l think look like Bambi's!
A little seperated from the groups was this big boy, who watched me where ever l went!
As we walked our way round this herd,we were able to get so close to those wonderful animals and they took no notice of us at all. We are so lucky to be living within walking distence of this Park!
They are just wild enough not to let you get too near but near enough for us to feel privileged. Scattered all round this area are beautiful clumps of grasses and ferns of all colours and shapes.

Then just as we were leaving the Park l saw this beautiful sight.....l love the fact that Nature produces some many shades of brown!


Tina Gilmore said...

oh wow, i remember seeing deer in the highlands of scotland they were so gorgeous and graceful, but got no where as near as you did. Nice to read a fellow UK blogger artist and a uk Teesha fan Hope you don't mind if i follow you.

Marcie said...

These are so beautiful! Have never seen so many of them all together..and so calmly peacefully allowing you to photograph!!!

Lynda said...

Tina you may follow any of my blogs..l would be very honouredxxxxglad to mee have an Teesha fan follow mexx
Marcie thanks for coming to see my work..glad you are following mexxx
Glad l am not just talking to myselfxhaxxlynda

Lynda said...

oh Marcia do you have a blog or website l can visit. l can't find onexxlynda

itsaworkofart said...

Wow! your photograhpy is excellent!
Whenever i read others blog, i feel soooo embarrased, because my English is not very good! but i hope its understandable (hee...)its very therpeutic to see all your photos. Oh, i really miss my old job as a flight attendant when i used to travel to many countries, and 'escape' from 'city life' in S'pore! can't do that anymore!! Thank you Lynda, glad to 'find' you! Luv : July

Lara Neusiedler said...

wonderful photos! what a blessing to see all these beautiful creatures from so close!

Nur said...

wonderful photos! keep it up

Lynda said...

Thank you every one for your encouragementx