Sunday, February 21, 2010

More finds on a daily walk!

Yesterday's walk in the woods was full of interesting things and far too many to put up on yesterday blog chat. 
 I noticed this tree for the first time yesterday and yet l must have walked past it loads of time in the last 12 years. It looks like a boney finger, pointing the way! It actually points the way to a wigwam in the woods, which lately has become one and a half wigwams! Actually l suppose technically the half wigwam is a bivouac, a temporary camp without tents or covers.

There has been a lot of talk about children/teenagers wearing hoodies and how they make them look threatening. Just after we had walked away from the wigwams, Tony pointed two people coming our way, they wore hoodies and the person on the right walked as though he was "tough". After l had taken the picture and downloaded it, l was surprised to see it was a couple and not teenagers either. Funny how we are so susceptible to the media's ideas.

For ages l have been trying to catch a good image of a Magpie with no avail. Today l thought l had it but flew off just as l was tryingt to get near. But l caught an image, just as it flew away. Can you see the small shadow just to the right of the flying bird?
Just a bit further along the path, there were many puddles. One vase shaped puddle,  had some lovely reflections of a tree, the sky and clouds.
If you have been a follower of this site, you will have remember the images from a hill, which was used as a tobaggan run. Well, that hill was being used as bike-run this weekend and as one other activity which really made me laugh. A child of about the age of 8, challenged his dad to a race up the hill. Dad let him have a head start, members of the group shouting and lots of laughing. Dad almost won but you could see he actually slowed down, just as he got to the top! Good old Dad!Ha

From here, we carried on walking to The Windmill, for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and also to give Tony a rest. Unfortunetly the queue was huge, we had forgotten it was half-term and the world and his family were out walking and then needing to get warm! So needing to sit, we went and sat on a bench round the corner, watching people and the Golf Course. 
As we were sitting there, we kept seeing these runners going past us, males, one female, all ages and in all conditions! One guy really caught my attention, bandy legs but the cheekiest smile and running his heart out!
After he had gone by, we decided to go and see what the sign was on the stick and also on their T-shirts! Thought it was Hash House Harriers but the letters were not correct.

The actual club is called Thane Hare & Hounds Cross Country Running Club. After we had been sitting for on the bench for 20 mins or so, we decided that Tony had rested enough and we got up to go. 
When l was pregenant with Jenny in 1975, our doctor was an amazing old lady who had a huge old proper poodle. She used to strap it into the front of her Morris Minor and during surgery hours, it used to sit at her feet, under her table. As we got up to go, there in front of me, were 2 proper poodles. Amazing animals. 

The Common was full of dogs, as well as people today. I think l saw at least 50 different breeds today and quite a few Heinz 57 varieties! This next image really made us giggle. Now that is what l call a lead!!!

As wegot to enter the woods, we saw this very talented little boy, who l discovered was 2 years old. A future footballer l think, he had the most amazing control of the ball and an amazing kick.

 He was so sweet, l asked him" Do your boots help you to kick the ball better?". Back came the reply, " um keep my feet dry". Ha! Ask a stupid question! I think they are Fireman Sam boots.

The next image is of what every dog walker needs....someone must have dropped theirs. Hope they had another one handy!!

This was quite a walk for Tony..l knew this but ...! He had to see how much he could do! By the time we got to Putney Heath, he was VERY tired, we had to go very slowly and sit where ever there was a chair. We came home and Tony slept from about 8.30 in the evening till 5ish in the morning...he is resting today but also it is raining!!! 

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