Friday, February 19, 2010

A walk down a country road within 10 mins of Putney!

We are having a lot of work done, on our Mansion Blocks at the moment. Such things as repairing the roof area on many of the blocks, water systems and so on. So there are lots of scaffolding, fencing and rubbish funnels all over the estate. Sort of unsettling in a way but l am not sure way?

This is just one of the building areas, l walk pass to get to the Main gates of our estate each day. Just after this l was looking at the bushes by the Squash courts, when l saw this friut, the only one of the small bush. I hadn't noticed it before. So l took an image as l thought it was a lovely colour and quite unusual. As l uploaded this image,  l was in for a surprise!
A small green caterpillar! I thought it was a bit early for caterpillers to be around. It has been so cold since, l expect it will have died by now. Shame. It is such a very vivid green, must look it up and see what sort of butterfly it would be.
Just outside the Estate, we now have a bus stop and the shelter now has a red seat in posh is that!Ha! Anyway, this morning had been really frosty and l was surprised to see these water drops still on the glass surround. Everything else was still white from the frost/ice.
When l got to the bus stop, l saw the bus going off into the distence..l had just missed it. Maybe l should ride a bike, like the guys in this image, and be in control of my own time table!
So walking it was..l was just being lazy really. So as l walked down Wildcroft rd, once again l saw that it had been used as a litter bin again. Why can't car drivers and their passengers take their rubbish home with them? All along this road, on both sides, people seem to have just stopped, eaten a meal, had a drink and/or emptied their ash tray out, on to the road or the wood's edge. As you can hear, makes me really angry.
The area around this fish and chip plastic carrier bag, was covered in paper, chips, bits of fish and polystyrene plates. the reason you can't see them is because the carrier bag is more attrative to look at! The next image is technically rubbish but it is a beautiful in the wrong is rubbish!
The last two images are strange ones. As l was contiuining down the road, my eye was caught by something orange in the undergrowth. Looking again, l realised it was a perfectly good orange, as in the fruit and then l saw another and another... three in all. Very strange. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with them and they were quite away away from each other.

Walk further down the road, once again l saw orange. This time, much further into the woods and once again far apart. I checked and they were also perfectly ok. Very strange! I have no ideas why they were there at at all! There are some very strange people in this world!

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