Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Roehampton is an area near us, that consists of Council Housing and flats, private houses and flats, a small strip of shops, Roehampton University Campus and the newly built Queen Mary's Hospital. The Alton Estate is a council owned estate, which consisits of  10 blocks and bungalows, were built in the early 1960's are now Grade 11 listed.Their design owes alot to the designer Le Corbusier. If you want to find out more go to   There is a problem with these blocks being Grade 11 listed, it means that the council have more excuses not to do repairs! Quote.." Sorry we can't mend that until we have checked it doesn't interfere with the Listings rules"..more frustrated tenants! Below is an image of the tower blocks from inside richmond Park, they look great from this distance!

Just as we were leaving the common, to get access to the under-pass to the A3, we saw these young boys playing in the woods. They were having a fun time. Hiding from each other, doing all the militsary style crawling and running behind trees. It was great to see, that they were outside having exercise instead of playing the same game, on a machine!
After watching the boys for a while, we went through the under-pass to get to the main road in Roehampton. I have walked through this under-pass many many times and never noticed this sign before. Which makes me think actually, it is a new addition to the under-pass. I have to ask myself..Why do we need this here? can you read the sign?
It actually say the following....It is against the law to smoke in these premises.....l kid you not.  I don't smoke but sometimes l think this country has gone mad!
I go past the local church in Roehampton frequently but l had never really seen it from this angle before. I had never realised how big it actually is.  From the front aspect, which is next to the primary school, it looks quite small and insignificant. At the moment there is a lot of repair work being done to the spire. Infact the top of the spire is not there and has been taken down for repaires. I think the scaffolding gives the church the look of a Chinese Pagoda!

As l mentioned earlier, the primary school is attached to the church and you can see the playground in the image above. I had to smile to myself when l saw the sign in the playground, attached to the fence!
It says..Careful..there is tree growing here......That is like saying ..on a beach..becareful there is a grain of sand on this beach. if you see what l mean!Ha!
Night folks..l need to sleep as it is late and l am tired. thanks for visiting my blog.

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