Friday, February 26, 2010


I know l have a few followers on this blog but l often wonder if l am speaking to myself! Then l saw a question put by my friend Amelia ,about what makes a good blog? This got me thinking.
I write this blog because l want to keep a record of my daily life, the changes going on around me, funny or strange events, monumental happenings and also to remind myself on days l am depressed..Life is worth living! 
It is a way for my family and friends, who live farway from me, to see what l get up, if they want to. But, l think mainly, it is because l want to share my happy, sometimes sad but always interesting daily journey. How many people actually really look at their surroundings? Before l came to live in Putney, l had had lived all over the world and never for longer than 3 years straight, in any one place or country.  Don't get me wrong, l loved every minute of it and l would do it again like a shot. When we came back to the UK, we had no intention of staying very long, we just needed a break. Eventually we realised we actually liked living in London and decided we would stay for a few years..that turned into 12 and my husband has retired! Why l am saying all this... it is to point out that when you don't stay in one place very long, it is exciting but you don't actually really learn about your enviroment, season, ect. For the first time ever, l actually know where the my robin has his nest and how many babies he/she had last year and what has happened to them. I know that the lady in the greengrocers has cancer and l have been able to help where l can. When l was very ill, the chemist picked up my prescriptions from my doctor and delivered them to me, free of charge. My hairdresser told me she is pregnant before anyone else because she thought knew l'd care and help her because l am so wise!Ha! I know my neighbours properly for the first time ever. The postman knows me and doesn't charge me for things he should. I know, that this year the crocus's are early, not world shattering information but important to me! Yes there are draw backs from living in London and in a flat but they are out weighed by the pluses. 
If you are writing a personal blog rather than a buisness blog..
So if no-one reads this or no-one leaves a comment does it matter? No.. because in many ways this is for me to write my feelings in and rethink about my everyday and just record it. Every so often l print it out and l am making it into books. In the years to come, l hope it gives me a giggle or a happy memory to keep me going in my old age. And just maybe, my grandchildren will see a life and be-able to experiences though my writing, things that might no longer exist! Oh my goodness..l recording History! And to think my History teacher said l would never, in a thousand years contribe to any thing historial because l didn't have the brains!!!No wonder l hated school!Ha!
For the last 2 to 3 weeks l have been pre-occupied with my husband's heart problems. This eposide has made me even more aware of how precious life is. Don't put of what you should do today until it now because tomorrow may never come! That sentence really stuck home with me. 
To end this blog l am going to put up some images, that l have taken over the last few days, which to me show the beauty of everything around us and remind me how lucky l am to be living in London. I promise l am not becoming over sentimental or weird but just life has become a little more precious to me lately!


Simply bricks and moss but so beautiful. Rich warm colours.
Sitting with Tony under the fir tree, giving him a rest before we walked back home. I happened to look up and there above us was a fir cone. It also smelt so gorgeous as well as looking beautiful!
This is the view we had from a bench on Putney Heath, about 6 mins away from my flat! Such a dramatic sky and then 2 mins later the heavens open and the rain came pouring down!
I know this is only a blue plastic bag and techically rubbish but oh what a beautiful colour for rubbish to be!
Most of us, at one time or another, moan about the NHS and wish it was better. I too moaned about the NHS over the last few weeks, then l remembered what it was like, medically when we lived in such places as Papua New Guinea and The Bahamas and once again l thank god for the NHS!

After tony's scare, l will look out for one of these signs on every station l go on, through or too! This is where the magical electric pads live... to shock you back into life!!
And last but not least, this image of a tree. Bit like LIFE really, you get beaten about, you loss things, you get bits taken out of you, you live with stress  BUT...somehow we still excist and more than that..WE SURVIVE!


Amelia said...

lovely lynda,

I totally agree with the sentence that life should be lived today and things not put off until tomorrow.

I would love to do something with you but am really busy with the experimental art e-course - would you like to do it? As all the people on it we will be doing things together art-wise and it should be fun?


PS coffee, next week, will ring you about a day! Would you like a ticket to the Affordable Art Fair Battersea?x

Tina Gilmore said...

It's perfect Lynda that life is precious to you, it's a shame more people don't realise what's around them and what's important. We all need to live more for today. Beautiful photographs, lovely blog.

Lynda Howells said...

thank you Tina for coming to my blog and leaving a comment.xxlynda