Friday, February 19, 2010


Today was a Red Letter Day for Tony. We went for a short walk, had a coffee and then came home on the bus.

On the walk, taken very slowly...we saw this car. It was so funny, sitting in a normal car-parking space. Tony instantly came out with," Who shrunk my was normal when l left Officer?" Ha! But you can see what he means!Ha You can judge the size of the car, by the size of the bits of stone in the tarmac!

As we arrived at the Green Man Pub, a young man was running to get the bus, he just made it as the door closed. Then all we could see was him banging on the door and pointing. I couldn't understand what he was on about..then l saw it. There on the road was his woollen hat and it looked hand made..ops! Hope it wasn't made by his mum!

Tony was tired by the time we got to the coffee shop and l persuaded him not to go any further..he agreed he was a bit tired! We treated ourselves to a muffin, with a super cup of coffee to celebrate our little adventure!ha.

We were so busy talking to each other and laughting, l don't think we noticed it was dark outside!

As we were going, l noticed that the lady sitting in the window, had an interesting transparent bag hanging on her chair. If she didn't consider the bottle of wine was fragil enough to be wrapped carefully...what was in the box?!!!!


DerIveD said...

Good morning Tony and Lynda,
so glad you are on the mend Tony, was worried about you.
Lots of hugs for you both.
Love this blog, it is inspiring, funny and a good way to start the day.

Lynda said...

thank you so much for this message. Glad you like the blogxlynda

Marcie said...

Your ending surprised me..gave me a good chuckle and laugh. Hope everyone is feeling better...

Lynda said...

Yes, Tony is getting better day by dayx Glad l gave you a chucklexxxtake care and hope to see you here again soonxxlynda