Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rain, giggles and an Angel!

The weather today was awful..rain.rain and more rain. At one point, it was SO dark it felt like 8pm in the evening instead of 3pm in the afternoon! The first image of today's blog, is taken through the window of the Pocket Rocket.  I was trying to show you the very dramatic sky and caught the windscreen wiper in mid-flow as well!

The next image was taken in Richmond and l was lucky enough to be stopped at traffic lights, just as these children cycled across the crossing. Oh and please note, l was the passenger NOT the driver! They crossed the road like three little ducks in a row, with dad herding them across the road. I wonder if children find bikes with wooden wheels, (the smallest bike) easier to ride than a bike with rubber wheels? The fact they looked so cute was one thing but the look on the face of the smallest girl made me giggle. I would have loved to been able to see what she was looking at so seriously across the other side of the road from her!
We literally crawled through Richmond because there was so much traffic and as the Rugby had already started, that couldn't have been the reason! We had to go much slower than normal because of the traffic jam, so l noticed quite a few shops l had never been concious of before. One shop, which was on a narrow road, incidentally next to a fasntastic looking Fresh Fish shop, was a Dry Cleaners. In the window was the most amazing silver sculpture, of a very ornate Angel Cloths Horse! I suppose it was saying..Let us Dry Clean your clothes for you and they will be bright and shiny just like this Siver Angel! Not sure l would trust them with my clothes but l definetly would buy their Angel!
Still in a traffic jam but moving a bit faster, we went pass a shop with a very funny sign on it's shop window. In large, yellow capital letters was written on the glass ....
I think the shop might have been Gap but l am not sure! Did cheer me up a bit...which was a good thing!
I love looking at building and living in London, enables me to visit all sorts of amazing buildings and constrution sites. One building l have been recently watching,  was going to be quite boring l thought to myself but no.  Since l was here a few weeks ago, the builders have added some really attractive decorations,  just below and in between the sash windows. Really changed a boring, plain looking building, into something that has style. Very impressed!
The last image in today's blog is of a lost wellington boot. Can anyone answer this question for me? How can a child, quite a big child judging by it's size, loose it's boot and not notice? At first l thought it might have been dropped as the child carried it from the car. But then l discover the car infront of the boot, had only just arrived. is a beautiful blue too!
And that folks... was my journey for today, not earth shattering stuff or mind blowing new discoveries but in my small world, l had smiled, l still had my adorable husband,l had giggled and also learnt something new..what more could l ask for?!
Night all):

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