Monday, March 01, 2010

Sunday and take-away coffee cups!

Today is Sunday and l always find it a strange day. For most of my lfe until late into my teens, Sunday was a day of Church and rest. No shops were NOT open and l remember it being very quiet and boring. Then when l got married and had children, Sunday was a family Day, until that is, we moved to Dubai at the beginning of the 80's and there Sunday was actually Friday..Muslim country. Most other countries we lived still concidered Sunday, as either a day of rest or a "quiet day". In Luxembourg, you were not allowed to mow the lawn or hang your washing out...if you did you got a visit from the "armed" village police men!! Quite a scary thing l can tell you. In Nassau in the Bahamas, Sunday is very much a church day, lavish show of religious services but things mainly stayed open because of the tourists. Coming back to live in England and seeing how Sunday had changed,  was quite a shock to us. I know there are places in Englad that still stay closed or partly closed on Sunday, but l have a feeling they are few and few between.  London, l admit is different from the rest of Uk, here almost everything stays open longer.

The only concession the Big Supermarkets make to Sunday,  is to close about 9pm on a Saturday evening, open at 11am  on Sunday and close at 4pm the same evening. Otherwise they are open 24hours a day, for the rest of the week!
Now to change the subject completly...........
I was reading an article the other day, in a daily newspaper, that commented on how much rubbish on the streets, was made up of Fast Food containers, cups and so on. This ties in with a book project l have been crafting for ages, it is almost finished, about Coffee. The images in the book are all take-away coffee cups photographed, their owner's have  disposed of them! He are a few that l think you may finding amusing, l hope!
Somebody had a sense of humour when disposing of their Christmas Coffee Cup! The snowman does actually looked pleased to have received it!
This next image l cam ine across in the middle of Wimbledon Common. I know l sound like an old woman but why can't people take their rubbish home with them or keep it until they can find a rubbish bin. Has the world got so lazy that even that is too much for us to do? my soap box now!

One of the reasons most tube and train stations seem to be full of rubbish and especially with cups, is because of the threat of bombs! Terrorists hiding devises in metal or plastic waste bins, where they can't be seen before they go off and kill people! Gradually the waste containers are coming back, in the shape of transparent rubbish bins but not on every station yet and definetly not enough of them on big stations. Even so, people seem to drop them where ever they like. One enterprising mouse has even dragged one into his mouse hole on Clapham Station Underpass! Actually l think it more than likely rolled in but l did see a mouse in the hole last you never know...l might be right!
When l was engaged a few weeks ago, in moving my son and his new wife up to Rutland, we stayed in a hotel in a small town! I have to admit the coffee in the morning was not good but l drank it, so it couldn't have been too bad but l am a zombie in the mornings.......! One hotel guest thought otherwise, he/she made an early morning called to Costa's for his morning fix. Bit much to rub it in the owner's face through, by throwing away where he did!Ha!
The next suspect, throw his coffee cup down where he finished it. How do l know this for a fact? I actually watched him do it, in full view of the Station Staff. He got off his train, take a mouth full of the coffee, look at the cup, shake it a bit, looked around him and throw it down on the station platform and walk away! The station staff did nothing, so l asked them why not? Typical mouth and put two feet in and then think! Anyway, the guys looked at, laughted and told me, "that was what cleaners are for love" and walked off down the platform!  I give up!
The last image is of a disguarded coffee cup but when there are no rubbish bins on the station, within view, l suppose this is the second best place to put it!

Here ended the rant about take-away coffee cups!


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

Cool little photo shoot. Too bad it's stemmed from people littering.

Why do people think it's okay to leave their trash everywhere?

Tina Gilmore said...

fab photo's, yes, shame about litter.