Sunday, March 28, 2010

Belated Mother's Day Tea and Champagne!x

I was quite ill with flu on Mother's Day, a week or so ago and so my gorgeous daughter arranged to take me out for an amazing Afternoon Tea session at a hotel called The Montague,  a Boutique Hotel..very posh up market place, l tell you!!

We were to have our tea on the terrace and very cosy it was too. Below is an image of the sort of chairs we sat on. Not that they were comfortable but they were in line with the decor and so somehow we didn't mind. The staff were very sweet, attentive and extremly smart! The food and the champagne came all together which was a shame. It was the only "wrong" thing in the whole performance. It would have been better if the champagne and biscuits had been delivered first, then tea and sandwiches and cakes. But it was a minor thing and it didn't upset the occassion at all.

The one thing that did fasinate me and l have never seen anything like it before, was this Twinings tea timer. Each tea was a different colour tea and this "egg timer" told you when your particular tea was stewed enough. Very kinky!

The next image is what our table looked like after we had finished!
The image of the 3 cakes and an almond and chicken sandwich, is what we couldn't eat, so asked and got a doggy bag to take home for Tony!Ha..we were not proud!

In Russell Square Park, which is a few seconds away from the Hotel, l discovered this amazing sculpture. Iit is titled "Eco Thunder" and is made up of recycleable materials, such as plastic bottle tops, metal bottle tops, rubber tubing and strips of plastic. I think he is absolutly wonderful and something that surprises me, is that it has not be vandalised or destroyed. My daughter walks/runs this way to her work every morning and it has been here for weeks. So well done the people of Russell Square Park!

Also in this small green park area is a fountain, which l think is very peaceful to look at and listen to. While we were looking at the fountain, a little boy of about 2, accidently kicked his small ball towards the fountain. He got ever so worried when it started rolling towards to the water. He was jumping up and down and going"Oh..oh!" but his mum got it out for him and he was smiling again. Very funny watching the expressions on his face.

After being such a lovely day, if a little chilly, as l started my way home, the heavens opened and it poured down. Luckily l managed to get to the bus before l got too wet. Different story when l had to get off the bus at The Green Man pub and walk up Wildcroft Road....l was not dry when l got home.

I had an amazing afternoon having tea and a gossip with my gorgeous daughter and just want the world to know how proud l am she is my daughter. I am one very lucky mum.


Marcie said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day. And - happy belated mother's day!!!

Johan Donald said...

Happy Mothers Day

Tina Gilmore said...

ohhh, what a gorgeous day you had, you're so lucky.

trishie said...

Looks like a wonderful place to have afternoon tea!

Lynda Howells said...

l know, l am a very luky mumx

Lady Fi said...

Sounds like a fantastic day out! I love that eco sculpture - long may it stand!

Kat said...

I LOVE that last shot! :) And I'm sure your daughter feels just as lucky to have you as a mum :)

French Fancy said...

Hello - thank you for coming to see me. I plucked this blog to reply to - out of your four. How do you have time for four?

As for afternnon tea in a lovely hotel - it is one of my favourite things to do when in London