Sunday, March 14, 2010

How much do you notice of your everyday surroundings?

For most of my life l have spent say, 18 months to 3 years in one place before l moved on. I spend my younger life travelling with my parents, as my father was in the Royal Air Force, then for the restof the time with my husband in the Army and then as his job as an International banker. Around 12 years ago, we came back to the Uk for 6 months and ended up staying. My husband has now retired at 60 and we have settled in Putney, London. The reason l am writting this entry, is because usually when you spend a few years in one place, you don't always noticed what is going on around you too much. At the time, l didn't realise this, l was busy finding out about the place, making friends and looking forward to the next posting.
It wasn't until l lived here in Putney for 3 or four years that l started to realise some changes and oh yes...Seasons. Most of the countries l lived in, it was either hot or hotter and sometimes cooler but rarely four seasonas in the UK.  Residing in our 1930's flat, l live opposite woods, so l see Nature in all it's glory, every day!
I notice the smallest differences, such as, last year the berries on the tree were few in numbers and  dull looking, this winter, hundreds of berries and they are sooooooo red. This tree is almost bending over with all this extra weight.

Another thing that l have especially notice, is the changes in buildings and also if people have change the colour of their doors or their gardens have just been re-designed!  Also, something else that has helped me to notice things more, is a blog l started called  . With this blog, l challenge myself each day, with a new word. Then, l have to interperate this word as an image. Not only has this encouraged me to learn vocabulary but it has also encouraged me to look more closly at what l choose to photograph.  I will show you what l mean, on 27.02.2010 the word was' Imagination" and below is the image l used.

When you in live in one place, l have discovered that many people don't actually move far away, to see other parts of their town or city. For example, l talk to people about going up into Central London for the day to see a play, do some shopping or meet a friend for lunch and l am often surprised by their reactions. The journey by train from Putney is roughly 20 mins away and we also have two tube stations and many bus that go that way too. For example, one person l know has not been up "to town" for over 5 years, her answer is, " the place is too busy, too noisy, can't stand the underground and escalators and can't be bothered to go that far"! She goes to America or Europe for her holidays but doesn't know or visit her own town or country!

There have been a lot of changes recently in Putney, shops changing hands, new shops opening and many new buildings. For example a while ago, a pub in our main street was refurbished and open up as a differebt sort of pub! Not as a "saw dust on the floor" sort of pub that attacted the more mature gentleman who liked a pint and a chat and the occasional game of darts! No it is, as described by an elderly gentleman l know, who used to "sup" there! "Now it is all yuppy chairs, stupid female cushions and music so loud and modern that one can't just think and ponder!!! and now as we can not smoke, a place for nobs"! I know we have to move with the times but some times l think it is a shame. There is only one pub l think now, that certain older people seem to be comfortable in! But the one thing no one seems to have commented on or made a fuss the pub sign. This is a very old pub but now there  is a modern "thin" vision advertising this pub. I like modern things but some how this seems to be changing the past just for change sake. I asked about 40 people what they thought of the new sign. Only three of them had noticed it and they thought it was a bit modern but it did no harm..and what is the point anyway, no one would listen! 

So...what has changed around your area that maybe no-one seems to have noticed? AND...if no-one has noticed does it matter?


Beach House Living said...

True, things you pass each day you don't seem notice how they change.

Lynda Howells said...

Thanks for visiting. it is nice to see who is reading my blog. I don't do this blog because l want people to read it. i think l do it for me as a sort of diary and record of my life and thoughts but l am so blessed other people find it interesting tooxxlynda