Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bits and pieces!

Today was a strange day! I won't go into the reasons, as they are private and more than likely boring to people other than my family. Anyway, l didn't go out during day light hours today, so l decided l would just talk about things that have interested me lately. Hope it doesn't bore you all to bits!

This first image is one that caused me quite a bit of panic last week! We were on the Motorway and suddenly surrounded by large trucks. The orange truck, you see in my rear view mirror, was bullying us and kept hooting its horn and flashing its lights at us. We were not sure why, as were were going faster than the limit and there was no where else for us to go..we were blocked in!!Stupid man!

This above image just makes me smile. I love wind turbines. Yes l know..people say they are noisy and a blot on the landscape! not the way l see it at all. I think they are beautiful, serene, and quite magnificent and on top of that, they work for their living!
The next image, is one l spotted the other day going through East Sheen. I think they are quite new as l haven't noticed them before and l go past this area quite often, as my daughter until recently lived in this area. It is funny because l normally think things like this, are a bit tacky but somehow this works for me! 

The above image is of my back garden(!) Richmond Park! I love the fact that the weather is getting better and we can go out more often for walks to the park. I love deer and could sit and watch them for ever. They are very curious creatures and will often stand and stare at you while you take your photographs of them! I have managed to get quite close to them in the past, as long as you remember which way the wind is blowing!
For awhile, l thought this heron was real and then suddenly l realised it was a sculpture in someone's garden! Very life like isn't it? It is in the garden behind my sister flat in Cirensester and apparently fools a lot of people! But the question is......does it confuse the "attacking" birds that go after the goldfish in the ponds around the area?
This next image was taken in Brick Lane in London. I am quite surprised about the amount of stencils and grafitti there is in this particular area of London. Not only are they numerous but of quite a high standard and not as many Tags as l usually see on walls ect. Tagging makes me laugh because it just seems to me like animals "peeing" to mark their territory! I doubt that the gangs see it that way but it just seems so childish! I can see that that is also a form of identifition and the tagger will try to be as artist and as perfect as can be. Pride in their work! They pratice and pratice so people will know which tag belongs to which person. 
The image below is of stencils more than free hand! Stencils are just as difficult as free hand, as they are drawn and cut before being sprayed onto their intended surface.

Then of course, there is a tag that just identifies a gangs area such as you will see below. I maybe wrong but l think this is an area tag! 

The below image is so very outrageously bright and joyful! Enjoy!

The last image of today's blog, is one l took yesterday(friday) when we went for a visit to Kingston hospital for another doctor's visit for Tony. While l was parking the car, l saw this cage that covers some sort of hole,  it was so scruffy and unkept, that l had to take a photograph of it! It really is an amazing "textured" peice of work!

Good night folksx


Beach House Living said...

Goodness, I don't believe I've ever seen that many deer at once. It must be nice to sit and watch them.

Tina Gilmore said...

Your photos are so interesting, i love reading your blog, the gang tagging was interesting, i never knew that.