Wednesday, March 24, 2010

trains and tubes!

I travel on the trains and tubes all the time here in London, so l thought l would show you around but not he usual sights!
If you go to Waterloo Train Station and then go up the esculator to Waterloo East, going across that walk way, you will see a few doors. One of them has a round window in it and everytime l see it l am reminded of a Children's Programme on BBC1. Can't remember what it was called, oh yes l do.."Playsckool" but each day the viewers would be asked to guess, "which shape window they would be looking through today?". Because the area around the door is dark and the window is lit from outside, all you see is what you have framed in the circle.Quite dramatic actually.

All along the walkway, are windows which are very dirty but the way the light falls, the shadows are often quite dramatic! One of these days l am going to draw or paint the shadows. The other day while walking across this walkway, l over heard a conversation between two men. 
Man 1."Had a hard day?"
Man 2." Yes but not much"
Man 1." yes, l had a day like that too"
Man 1. "Tomorrow is as rough you know"
Man 2." yes and l thought the same about Tuesday"
Man 1." um always"
Then they shook hands and each went their own way! Is it me or is this total nonsense? Ha
I love the way the shadows from the ladders, buildings and bars on the outside of the walkway,  change everyday. Really interesting ones today.

The following image of an esculator on the Underground, is very is empty! Not something you normally see in an afternoon.

The windows really need cleaning in the train station but l can't see how they get out there, to clean them. Also l am surprised that this grafitti, which has been here since 2008, has not been washed of. It is on the inside of the building!

Part of a project l was involved in a few years ago, had to have some part of a train in the completed image. This is not the end image but it did catch my eye. The fact it has Jesus spay-painted on the train, didn't spoil the image but detracted your eyes from the train itself. But a little later on, it became a big part of a religious project l got involved in, which was  titled, "God or no God..discuss!"

This image of Waterloo Tube Station, shows what is happening a lot, because dustbins are not allowed down on the platform!! If it has a shelf, a seat or just a shelf, it becomes a bin!
Last image, says it all.....Mind the Gap!  I had to let 4 trains go by before l good get an empty platform!


Rufusandco said...

Loved reading your post and what interesting photos you took. The port hole window is fascinating.

we3 collective said...

ooh brings back the memories of working in london! i, too, like the shadow picture - it's almost like tracing paper layers on acetate! lovely to hear from you again Lynda - i'm already a follower of yours! my work is also at
have a great weekend!

Tina Gilmore said...

Lynda, your photos are just amazing and so interesting, you should publish a book of your images.

Lynda Howells said...

thank you so much guys..your comments are really wel
lyndaxcome and it is nice to know you are enjoying themx