Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today's trip out to buy a tap and the sights we saw on the way!!!

Today was such a beautiful Spring day, l was allowed out for an hour or so. My voice is almost back but l still feel very weak if l do anything! Good excuse for not to doing any if l need an excuse l hear my family saying!  We went out, to go and buy a tap for the kitchen sink! Such excitment! Ha! One of the main problems we have all over Putney at the moment... is Roadworks. They are every where but no one seems to be mending all the huge, and l mean huge potholes that are every where!
Just recently l have noticed a funny thing around Putney and wonder if these are in any other part of the country? 
They are space left in walls for the roots of trees to grow through, rather than push against the wall and eventually push it over. I have began to notice them every where! Wonder if it is used in other countries or if it is just a typically quirky British thing?
The image above, is l think of a Plain Tree, that has had its annual "haircut", that,s what my children used to call it, when trees were trimmed! What l found strange this year, is that some trees have just been cut while others haven't , as you will see from the image below. Wonder why they were not all done at the same times as usual?

 We were enjoying the wonderful blue sky and thinking how much warmer it was today, when this wonderful vision of colour came into view. If you are going to cycle, you might as well do it in style! He had the most amazing red checked Rupert Bear trousers on, bright red socks and yellow and red shoes, topped off with a bright yellow/green waterproof top . Cheered our day up and made us grin.

As Tony went and bought the new tap, l sat in the car and watched out for traffic wardens. While sitting there, l noticed a few things like this window sill. A beautiful pottery trough and tray but a dead plant in it! The rest of the house had been looked after and you could see the beautiful candle in a glass on the inside.....funny they haven't looked after the plant!Shame.
The next thing l noticed was this amazing line of chimney pots. I don't think l have seen this many before   in a line on one roof top! Against the blue sky they really did look beautiful.
The next thing that caught my eye, were these two dustbins. It is unusual in London these days, to see firstly, metal dustbins as domestic bins and secondly, that they are not the large green/black plastic bins that seem compulsary every-where else. I have also just noticed, looking at this image again, the plastic bag beside the bin and also it is not closed properly either. In almost all counties these days, the dustbin men will not empty your bin, if the lid is not closed tightly and also will not take the extra bags either! So many rules these days!
Trying to get back home through Putney was a mistake, as you will see from the next image. Solid traffic from one side of Putney Bridge to the other! Chaos!  This large truck has stopped right ascross the round-about and stopped traffic in all directions! Wonder where he got his HGV licence from?
Traffic is so fast and numerous these days, that l do feel sorry for the elderly. At one point during outr trip today, we stopped to let an elderly lady cross at pedestrian crossing. The trouble was the lights changed to green befere she got half way across. We put our four way flashers on, so as she had longer to cross. What upset me, was the number of people who got cross, hooted their horns and so on because she was holding up traffic and we were letting her. Some people just don't think or care about others!
I know that l must have been passed this Italian Resturant called "Pappa Ciccia" hundreds of times, but each time l find myself saying the same thing. "What a gorgeous looking clock"!! 
Something else l noticed today, for the first time was this shop, which is just before Putney Bridge. For some reason it made me giggle, not sure why?
There is another shop on this stretch of road, before you reach Putney Bridge, that always has something interesting in its shop's window. This time it had a dress in it, that made me smile and think of Spring! Cheered me up no end!
One good thing about being in a slow traffic jam on Putney bridge, was being stopped long enough to take some images of the lovely lamp-posts that are on the bridge.
Also, while we were stopped, l took the oppurtunity to take an image of one of the many planes, one every 2 mins, that fly across Putney bridge every day!
After all this traffic and noise we decided to go through Richmond Park, so we would be calm and smiling when we reached home.
It worked!


faye said...

I enjoy a good photography blog
and glad to find yours.
Your title made me smile... that use to be one of my favorite sayings when I was in college... many many years ago.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Valerie said...

Hello, popped in to say thanks for visiting my blog. I must say I never saw such an interesting shopping trip. It's not everyone that can make traffic look interesting. Well done.

Lynda Howells said...

Such nice comments..thanks guysxlynda

Tina Gilmore said...

Fab blog again, i love your photos.