Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tales of a Rutland Adventure continued..Day 2.

Melton Mowbray Saga continues......!

If you read yesturday's blog, you will know that we are or were up in Rutland for a few days. On one of those days, we decided to go and visit Melton Mowbray, the home of the Pork is meant to be Foodie Heaven, not today it wasn't. Perhaps you have to be there on the days they hold the Farmer's Market, to achieve that statement! We were very disappointed by the town it'self but l discovered they have some interesting Art/Sculpture Work. The first is a mosiac, which is advertising a Night Club would you believe?! I don't suppose the happy faces really represent e-tablets but...!
Further along into town, we discovered  King street. There is an arch over the start of the street, which ties in with the silver coloured metal sculpture, which covers a portion of the right hand side wall.

In 2007 an Artist named Coode Addams designed a piece of Art to celebrate the different crafts and industries of the town of Melton Mowbray. The work is situated on a wall as you go into the narrow street, in my opion, totally the wrong place for it. Why?... because you can't stand far enough away from it, so as to see it in all its glory. Shame really! 

Below is a close-up of one of the five panels, just to show you the amazing detail in this artist's work. He has put so much  information and detail into each panel of work, that it can keep your attention for ages. I  think putting it on a red background is also a very clever idea, as it seems to make the 3D work really stand out.

After a disappointing lunch, we came ot of the coffee shop and noticed the shop next door and burst out laughing! It is a fdance,theatrical and  bridal accessories shop. In their window, just under the words "bridal accessories" is a striped prisoner's uniform!!You have to ask yourself, do they have a wicked sense of humour or is it just a mistake and no-one has made the connection yet? Made our day anyway!

Another thing l noticed while walking round this town, is l feel as though l am in a time warp! It is a long time since l have seen this sort of net curtain hanging in people's windows. 

Also saw many people dressed in shell suits, loads of make-up and 1950's hair styles..very creepy!
To cheer ourselves up, we decided to go and re-visit a place called Burley Estate. We found it last time on our travels here in Rutland.(l think it is March 2009 time). The stately home and stables have been turned into luxery apartments. This time though, we just went to see the area before the buildings, where last time there were hundreds of fungi growing all over the grass. We wanted to see what was growing there now and how the pond was getting along. We were not disappointed in what we found.

The drive leading up to the Main gate, was covered in snowdrops and flowers that look like buttercups but are called something else, which for the life of me l can't remember!

The image above and below are two of my favorite reflection photographs, that l have taken in the last few months.

The pond has a dilapidated old duck house in the centre and doesn't look as if any ducks have visited it for a while, which is a shame.

So as it is late, l will finish this journay tomorrow. Night folks.

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