Thursday, March 18, 2010

Respectability and a burnt out car!

The other day, a car was pulled and pushed from The Telegraph Pub, across to our was not an easy job. The pub is at the back, right-hand side of this not a short distence and certainly NOT in a straight line!
Then, the people (animals?) involved set it alight! It is amazing what some people consider fun! Nothing unusual about that you say, we see it on the TV and in the newspapers all the time. The difference here, as a visitor to my flat said the other day, "But this is Putney and up here is so quiet and respectable!".  The burnt-out car, did give me some amazing shots of burnt bits and rust...oh goody!
As you can see from the image below, there is still earth and grass attached to the burnt out under carraige! that's a thought, do cars have an under-carraige or is it just planes?

The image below, combines what l love most .....rust and wire! yummy!!!
Can you see what is left of one of the loud-speakers in this image?
This below image is taken from the outside looking into the burnt out shell! Funny how from this angle, the car looks white and appears not to have been burnt!

I would have thought, that the glass from the car would have melted but as you can see from this image...there was a lot that didn't melt! Perhaps that means it didn't actually get that hot?
I have more images but didn't want to bore you!


faye said...

It is amazing what some people consider fun..... playing with fire
would not be my first choice.

Great shots of the car.!!

Beach House Living said...

Odd fun indeed but you got some interesting photos!