Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Daily ramblings

Sorry about not posting last night but l was shattered, l had a busy day. Some of you will know, tht l have always had trouble sleeping but just recently oit has got much worse. Yesterday l went to a Sleep Clinic at Guy's Hospital up in London. Having left London Bridge Station, l made my way to Guy's Hospital via a walkway. In front of me was this guy in Plus Fours! Very striking image! Mine you, the girl coming towards me, made her own bright fashion statement as well!

Once l got the hospital and found my way to the Chest Centre, I sa a really nice Consultant, who put me right at easy, asked all these question and said to me.."OK..he is what you have Lynda?" Bated breath.."You have what we call Delayed Sleep Faze disorder tick all the boxes and it is hereditary. It occures because of some thing called a clock gene which is malfuntioning. We discovered the gene here at Guy's." Apparently, l would have been one of those, that guarded the cave at night. thousand of years ago...doesn't help in this world, as l need to go to work!Ha. Does make me feel better, now that l know what's wrong with me and Tony knows that l am not lazy and it isn't all to do with my depresstion.
The treatment is, l have to wear a special watch for a while, which will record my sleep pattern. Then l have to take Melartonin and use a Light Box. At least l know something is happening at last! 
This sculture was one of the many pieces of Art work through out the hospital. Two others pieces caught my eye, they were a wing hanging in the air and a metal scultpure hung on a wall.
The glass mosquic wing is hanging from the ceiling from wires, so moves ever so gently. beautiful. 
The serenity of the hospital, its glass walk ways and Atriums are a great contrast to the outside word. Guys is next to London Bridge Station but not only that, but a huge building site. This is because they are building The Glass Shard, which is either the tallest build in UK or the World, can't remember. So the noise, the dust and the chaos is huge...especially when you consider there is a hospital right next door to it!
This next image is of a building, whichis  just opposite the hospital. l have no idea what it is or used for, except l think it is called Salomone Centre. Maybe it is a place to worship or a meeting place. I went to look at it but it doesn't appear to be in use or open. Very interestingly designed textured building though. Seems very out of place where it is though, crammed between tall buildings.

On the way home on the train, we go past Wandsworth and this structure in the middle of the road. I have several times tried to take an image of this structure from the train and failed! This time it worked perfectly. It is a very strange advertising structure but at least we can see it from many angles! ..which l suppose is its purpose.

Once l got back to the flat, l noticed in the patch of glass just round the corner from the front door are some iris"s. I hadn'gt seen any quite as beautiful as these before. I think the markings are exquisite.

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Amelia said...

wow lynda, hope both you and tony are feeling a little better!

You still managed to weave some art into your day though :)

Tomorrow might not be possible, but I will ring you . . .you are probably away anyway!