Monday, March 15, 2010

Lost and found images of Christmas window dressings!

At Christmas time l saw some amazing window designs.There was a ballet shop, a chocolate shop and a dress shop in East Sheen, where my daughter used to live. Unfortunetly the images l took were on my camera phone, which l had lost. Well today, we found it and so although it is late, l am going to show you those images now.  The first image is of an amazing pair of tap-dancing shoes. My daughter would have loved these, when she was about 8 and dancing!

The next image is a beautiful pair of wings for a fairy or angel or maybe Angel Gabriel himself. In any case, l would love to have them on my studio wall!
In the same window display, which is a ballet costime shop, there was also these gorgeous tutu's. One pink and one white. When l was dancing in my early teens, the first time l put a tutu on, was just so magical. Suddenly you felt like you were a real dancer! My first tutu was a gorgeous pale blue with little bits of siver all over it, l was so proud!
The next shop window that caught my eye was a Chocolate Shop, oh bliss! Everything was so beautifully wrapped and reminded me of why l like French shops so much. When ever we have bought anything in Paris and a few small place around France, everything is so beautifully wrapped and finished with a bow or fancy sticker. Makes shopping a pleasure.

This last image, is l think from a clothes shop but am not sure., now l remember, it is an underwear shop. As l was taking this image, the woman inside the shop gave us a very queer look and Tony and l ran before she could get to the door. We felt like a pair of naughty school children and we couldn't stop laughing for ages. It is so much fun getting old!
Hope you enjoyed these images, even though they are a few months over due!


Marcie said...

Magical!! And - it's never too late..or too early for Christmas!!!

Tina Gilmore said...

Ha, lovely, lovely photos. loved the dancing shoes - ooohhh! i can't wait for christmas again now!!!!