Friday, March 26, 2010

Buildings and Bugger up!!

In living and travels all over the world, one of the many thing l have noticed, is how there are very few new building styles any more. By that l mean, all styles, like fashion, come and go and we think it is all new again!  When we lived in Dubai, in the early 80's, we were amazed at the buildings we saw, then in a few years, those designes appeared elsewhere. All this has happened because of people travelling more and invention of the internet l reckon. Nothing stays "new" for long these days. New words become part of one's language in a few days of hearing it. When we were living and travelling around the world, we were often told by people, how strange that we had picked up and mixed foreign words, amongst our own language. no one comments on these " added" words any more!
On that subject, just a quick detour on this subject of buildings! I remember getting a letter from my son's headmaster, when he was about 10, saying they were concerned about Andrew's use of swear words. Anyway, after a discussion with the school, we were able to explain that Andrew had not realised the word was "naughty". Let me explain...we were living in Papua New Guinea, the word for "something that was not working" is "bugger up"! Anyway in a test, Andrew had put his hand up and said, " Please sir, my pen has gone bugger up and l need a new one". Once we had explain, Andrew was forgiven ( actually this earned him so cluedoss with his friends!) and actually because of the mix up, the school introduced a new lesson "Mistakes in other languages".  So something good came out of a mistake!
Anyway, back to "building". I decided to put up some of the buildings that have found interested in my tours round the UK this year.

One of the reasons l really like this image is because of all the different styles that are so intertwined, in a very small area of ground! This was taken in Plymouth and was situated on a hill on the outskirts of the town or is it a city?

Another image taken in Plymouth. I was taken by surprised at how many modern structures had been constructed in this city and how they were all over the place, not just in one place, as the city grew. This particular modern building, the one with the large tiles, was l think from memory, a departmental store and the glass building was an office complex. If you stood at the far end of the ruins of the church, the new building is framed beautifully in its empty windows.

The above image of decorative oblongs, is l kid you not,  a multi story carpark !! l think l would be cheered up each day if l parked my car here ..very arty and modern! .....and still in Plymouth, quite a "hip place" as l used to say in my youth!!
The red door image above, is made like this because of risk of flooding. I don't suppose it stops much water but l expect that it gives its owner enough time to move stuff from the ground floor and so on! It was in a small seaside village in Cornwall.
This building makes me smile! I wonder if the designer had grand visions of being a Lord of the Manor! Seems out of place in Cornwall and in a built up area!!....not even a view of the sea or country side!! can't see prince charles living here..can you?
Believe it or not this is a real house and it is lived in! This and many other houses are on a cliff side leading down to a beach in cornwall. Some are holiday lets others are lived in all year round. This one reminds me of the gingerbread house in a fairy story!
This black and white building is in Dartmouth and to me looks out of place but then all the houses seem to be a mixture of styles and ages. I really like the fact that the buildings are so different, makes looking at the town very interesting... to me anyway.
This thatched cottage, is in the village my son and his wife live in. lt is a very small county called Rutland and is a very well kept secret! lt is one of those places that almost every other house is thatched..very chocolate box ! This is what tourists from all over the world come to see...quaint old fashion English countryside.
The colours, shapes and patterns of the next image is mock Egypian and always makes me smile. Don't know what it is used for but it makes me think of a cinema or theatre or maybe is being used as a church meeting place for some strange church cult or something!Ha!
Can you guess what the next image is used for? Most people think it is a chinese resturant but infact it is a supermarket for Chinese Goods. Very over the top isn't it but great fun!
London is full of unusual and dramatic building that l could fill hundreds of blogs with, if l wanted to show them all! I am not sure what this building is called but my family call it the Flat building.
 l wonder what it looks like inside and what they see when looking out? By that l mean, are the windows as big as we see from the outside or are they small! Also the glass looks blue, does that mean they are looking through blue glass or is it like my glasses? By that l mean, when l look through my glasses, to me everything looks normal but other people see my glasses as brown glass..if the sun has been shining! All very confusing for my little grey cells!

The image below is a normal sight in london, balcony above balcony! I do miss the balconies l had when living over seas. One balcony was so big, we could have lived on it!Hax Oh those were the days!


The strange thing l find about these buildings, is the fact the balconies have views over....nothing. Some of the flats in this are, over look the local rubbish tip. I hear you say, the flat owners must be so mad for the rubbish to be placed next to their homes...........
But no you would be wrong. The flats were built NEXT to the well estsblished rubbish tip!!!!! Some times l wonder what builders and architects are thinking about, when they decide where these flats will be built!!! and what do the people who buy these flats next to a rubbish tip? Mad!

This last image is of what my parents call The Rusty Bucket!ha. They hate it and think it is an eye sore! I have arguements with them about it because l really like it and they can't understand why. It is a seaside resturant on Littlehampton beach that has won all sorts of awards.  l think the outside is amazing but l have to agree with my parents, the inside is not good and lets the whole building down! My last word on this subject of buildings is, isn't it wonderful that we live in a coutry where we can still express our likes and dislike and we have artists that stretch everyone's imagination!?


Tina Gilmore said...

Interesting to look at all those different buildings, Rutland looks gorgeous, i've never been there, or even heard of it till you mentioned it in your blog.

Lynda Howells said...

Rutland is a well kept secret!Ha if you get a change to go..go! It is a beautiful placex