Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blue netting and swans!!

Once again, l am house bound because of this very annoying flu! So l am going to sort of ramble today, if that's ok folks! Yesterday, l saw these flats, they had scaffolding up and then blue netting all over them This got me thinking. I wonder if the people are still living in there and if so, how do they manage? I personally think they are still living in there because l can see cutains drawn and some open, which tells me, some of them don't want workman looking in. I wonder how they manage with the lack of light and if there is it blue? I have trouble with the lack of light in the winter..l am going to have a light box soon, to help me. I can't imagine what being in there must be like!
A while l go, Tony and l had a great day in Richmond park watching the swans. 

Don't you just swan's feathers? They are so soft and fragile looking.
This image shows one of the adults swans and four cygnets, the other adult swan was on the other side of the pond.

The last image shows why l love swans so much!!

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Beach House Living said...

Your swan photos are striking. We have to lakes here with swans.
I like watching them too.