Monday, March 08, 2010

Graffitti in and around brick lane, london

Last Saturday, l spent the day with some friends in and around Brick Lane. the following images are of the amazing graffitti l found there!
 Love this wall graffitti. The wall actually opens up into a shop, that sells second-hand furniture. Outside on the pavement today, there was a guy selling lengths of wire, plugs and other bits of electrical things. Then, just in case you missed it...can you see the bright yellow mushroom?!..which is surrounded with barbed wire!..WHY?...

I just love the way, someone has actually cut-out raindrop shapes, then stuck them on the wall, to become dunces hats..very creative!
"Heba"...Women's project..wonder what that is? Beautiful art work though.
The image below l think, is such an amazing piece of it classed as graffitti or a piece of Art?
Then, just round the corner was another amazing piece of work..think it maybe by the same artist.I love the peaches that are drawn onto the face. Pity someone else has done tagging on it!

Love this pink crocodile gliding along the pavement!!!  The next image is incedible and l wish l had done it! I know technically this is a poster but you do have to look carefully to see the joins!!
And to end this amazing tour of Brick Lane's graffitti..we have the magic of Disney.


Marcie said...

Love this series of photos. Simple everyday street life captured. Thank-you for sharing!!!

Lynda Howells said...

my pleasure!x