Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My parents first visit to a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! will the excitment ever end?!

Today, my parents arrived to stay the night before we go to Cirencester to see my sister's family. We are going to celebrate Dad's 80 birthday with a Birthday Party. My mum will not enjoy it as she doesn't like children..her words and tomorrow will be hell for her.....7 great-children and 3 but only 2 will be there grandchildren plus my sister! not only that but she has to be up and ready to go for 10am in the morning!Ha
Anyway, to cheer my mum up and help dad!!!..we took them to see..wait for it....A Krispy Kreme doughnut Factory near us!hax they loved it and are now Fans!
Then mum saw the doughnuts, there was no stopping her!ha. Unfortunetly, would you believe they were washing the machinary and trays, so mum and dad could not see the doughnuts being made! well the good news is, they will have an excuse to come back again and see if it is working then!
If you look behind my parents, you will see the glass window, which is where the doughnuts are USUALLY made!This image was also taken for my parents to show Kay and Harry...brownie points l think. well they couldn't bring any back with them because they would be stale by Thursday afternoon..honest Harry!! Can you see the green carrier bags which are behind my mother's right shoulder? Well, once my mother saw them..she had to have one. She collects handbags and shopping bags, the more the merrier! All for £1.45..l think!! BARGAIN!!


One thing that really annoys me, is when people use grass, the road or the pavement, as a bin for their full car ash-trays . These were emptied out on the grass, just opposite my flat entrance! More than likely someone who lives in my flats! Forgoodness sake, this is like using your front garden as a dustbin!So angry!!!!!!
On our usual route to sainsburies today, while once again, stopped in a traffic jar, l saw this tree. The building it is infront of, until a year ago, was a large pub. It has now been turned into quite interesting and modern looking flats. All the times l have been past this pub/flats, l never noticed this tree before. I think that maybe, it has never been cropped like this before and so now is quite prominent and therefore more noticeable. In any case, l find it really chunky and an interesting feature, almost alien looking and aggresive! 
This next image is nothing special except l love red doors and l think the shelf with the candle on it, is quite an interesting feature!
The last image is of a derelict house in the Roehampton village area, that fasinates me. It seems such a shame that is has been empty for years and is just decaying by the day! I love the fact that the blue fence around the house blends in well with the blue of today's sky! Beautiful!


faye said...

Ahhh the memories of a midnight run to get hot doughnuts at Krispy Kreme... ooh.. we still do that once a week at work.

Beach House Living said...

Glad she liked her outing to Krispy Kreme.

Tina Gilmore said... favourite.