Monday, March 08, 2010

From Spitalfield to the beginning of Brick Lane.

Another update on my Tribe gathering of e-course members in London, last Saturday! I have to admit l seemed to be the one lagging behind everyone else because guess what? I was too busy taking images!  This entry will be just before we get to Brick Lane....there was so much to see and take in! I could have spent hours and hours here, must come here again soon! I had forgotten how much l used to enjoy coming here, just to browse!
I love taking Street Photography and this lady wearing such a beautiful scarf, had to be in this image! Lots of people ask me, am l not afraid of being yelled at or hurt when l take these images? No not really. Street photography is a type of documentary photography that catches situations in public places. It is pure vision of something or like holding a mirror up to society. As you can see from the image below, some people even look straight at me and still say nothing or do anything about it. If someone is very upset and approach me, then l will normally delete the image and show them l have.  I was once approached by a policeman, who asked if l was under-cover and did l need any assistence?... as he had not been notified l would be in the area? Very funny situation!

This next image is of an amazing wall painting l found, on the way to Brick Lane. The original painting has been painted over and there are other people's work on it too. It is painted on the wall side of a shop called Behave.  I love the way the shop sign seems to apply to the painting too. As if to say behave painters!
At the bottom of the painting, is the image of a man in full buisness suit and sitting in a Budda position. The person that drank and then put their bottles next to it may have had a sense of humour or there was no bin near by! In any case, it is rather funny!
Next to this wall drawing, were some designs printed on the pavement. They looked at first, as if they were normal signs like No parking ect... then if you look closer, it will make you laugh!

At the bottom of this building is a row of some square, shaped windows and they run the whole length of the building. On the inside of the windows, runs a ledge,  and on that ledge is a sculpture, which l think is made of metal. The way it curves and turns, looks so fluid and yet is made of heavy solid material!

I couldn't see the name of the building but l think, after looking through the windows, it may be an Art School or Art studio.
Sometimes a drawing or a printed image just takes my breath away. This next image did just that to me, l just had to stop and really look at it.  It was printed onto an office glass door, set back off  the pavement slightly. As l worked past, the sun suddenly shone on it and seemed to set it on fire. Even though it was a glass door, the things on the inside, which you could see, didn't seem to interfer with the design at all. The gold signature was just in the right place and to me, seemed to be the finishing touch to this patterned image. 

Do you, like me, love looking down side alleyways, to see what's hiding along or down there? Sometimes it is dissapointing as it is just a place for dustins but just occasionally you find a beautiful decorate wall, an interesting spiral staircase or an amazing hidden garden. Sometimes it a place for dustbins, disguarded plants or packing cases and general rubbish dump. This is image was taken through locked metal gates and looked as if it was a boring find. BUT...not to me! Look closely and you will see, rust, one of my favorite things to photograph, in a beautiful orange/yellow rust. It has balconies...why when it is an alleyway and there is nothing to see? Ha!Then you will see a sign written large on the garage door...FIRE EXIT....oops!...Fire exit blocked with a tree in plant pot, a bike and loads of other stuff and then a locked and padlocked gate.  Health and Safety haven't been around here lately have they? I admit not a beautiful hidden place but definetly interesting, wouldn't you say?

The last image for today is a strange one! I saw it from across the road and it really shouted to me. I couldn't go and look at it, as the traffic was hectic and friends were waiting! Wish l had though because when l uploaded this image, l found a surprise. I had assumed from a distance, it was a poster made of paper. I will have to go back and look at it again. It appears from this image, it may be a mat of some sort or maybe the fringe is just cut paper. I really will have to go and have another look, l am now hooked!

Night folksx

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