Monday, March 08, 2010

More beautiful places in Rutland and journey home!

Another place we visited, while in Rutland was Hambleton, which is a village on a peninsula within Rutland Water. It is stunning and so British, in that l mean, you could image this place being in a Miss Marple story. Here are some of the images l took. The first image is for sale too! Oh l just HAVE to win the Lottery!!!!

In the above image, l can see the house belonging to my daughter-in-law's uncle's is one of the most amazing house l have ever been inside of. He designed it himself and his wife designed and decorated the inside, it is a work of wonder, l promise you. It is one of the few house l could just move into and hardly change anything! Bliss.

These cottages are so could image them in a children's story book or maybe illustrated in The Hobbit! Real chocolate box cottages!. One image l didn't take, because my camera was out of reach ( as l was driving!) time!..was a THATCHED bungalow, I had never seen one before.

The above image, we had to come back too, as the first time we saw it, was just out of the corner of Tony's eye as we went to the end of the penisular. So when we  came back, we went very slowly so we could find it again. I think it is so funny and very clever.

On Friday, we started our journey home, the pretty way, as we had all day to get there. These images will just be things that caught my eye. The beautiful pub sign and a patterned grate in a pub, we stopped in. A photograph of a large group of Wind turbines or rather only one of them, as Tony found it hard to get the large group, as l was driving too far according to him!Ha! Then the images of the traffic on the way home and so on!!

The magical one ! Not sure what this is for because this was all l could see above a brick wall, as we drove all the motorway! I love the shape and patterns of this delicate looking building/monument.

We were lucky because the terribly long traffic jam was going the other way, although when you see the next image, we nearly had a traffic jam too. I don't know if it was found or not, as the radio report as well as the sign posts, just never told us the outcome!! Hope it was ok. 
The animal was actually a dog and we found out late, it appears to have just gone off, so luckily it was not killed and didn't cause an accident either.
This last image was taken as we came to Wembley Stadium area, seemed strange to have such a construction in this built up area of london.

Then it became too dark to take much till next time Night folks.

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